Sunday, 9 May 2010

#1 by Lemonjuice McGee DCUC The Question

"Hey Lemonjuice McGee, what toy are you opening for your guest spot on Toy a Day?" Easy, I'll answer that question with THE Question.

That's right, The Question from DC Universe Classics Wave 11 from Mattel. Let's free this super investigator from his plastic prison and get down to it shall we?

Vic Sage comes packaged in the (now obsolete) DCUC packaging. This has been replaced by the "75th Anniversary" packaging as of late, and is much more to my liking. Something about the shape and colors chosen by Mattel on these blisters just does NOT interest me. Luckily, great character selection, super articulation, and fantastic sculpting all count for something in my book.

The packaging consists of a cardboard backer cover almost completely by the clear blister shell. There is an insert that sits in the lower portion of the blister and tells the character's name, the wave it's in, and what Collect & Connect piece that is included. Unique to The Question is the added "star burst" sticker on the front of the package which proclaims him as the Fan's Choice figure...which he is. He won out fair and square in the pages of Toyfare magazine.

The back of the blister is 3/4 covered by pictures of all the characters in wave 11. Right in the center sits Kilowog, the sweet Collect & Connect figure that if buildable if you have time to track down 6 of the 7 figures.

The lower 1/4 of the package includes a tiny drawing of The Question, a list of his first appearances and powers, and a quick little bio. For your entertainment purposes, here it is in it's entirety:

Vic Sage was the smartest investigative reporter in Hub City, but he could only get so far playing by the rules. So Vic invented an alter ego to prowl Hub's back alleys--a faceless enigma known to criminals as "The Question". His war on crime brought him into conflict with Lady Shiva, the world's deadliest martial artist. Killed in that battle, he was revived and trained by kung fu master Richard Dragon. Since his brush with death, the Question returned to action driven by a new philosophy and a burning need to expose corruption and injustice to the cold light of day.

Now lets tear this bad boy open!

After forcibly removing the outer blister, this is what's left. Yep, just The Question and a huge leg. The left leg of Kilowog to be exact. the Question is rather light on accesories, as in he has NONE. Kind of "par for the course" with DCUC though. God forbid they package him with a file folder, laptop, or anything else. It's not like they charge 16 bucks for this guy...oh wait, yeah they do....grumble, grumble.

One nice little highlight is the card art that sits behind the figure tray. It's got a few cool scenes of the characters in the wave. I'm not sure of the identity of the artist though...

Once pulled from the tray (there were magically no rubber bands wrapped around the figure) you get The Question and a big surprises there. The Questions fedora was partially bent at the rim, and that sucks. It's an easy fix, but it still sucks. The paint on this guy is pretty crisp, but that's mostly due to having almost every piece molded in the color it should be. I would have liked to see a little airbrushing on the coat and other areas in order to bring out the sculpt a little more. he's colored as he appeared in the Justice League cartoon; and while that works on some level, i would prefer he was wearing more realistic colors. I mean, this guy was the basis for Rorschach in The Watchmen...not very dark or foreboding with an orange shirt. The paint on the face (or lack thereof) on the figure I purchased was also pretty slopped on. Sorry, just wanted to add that grip in there.

The Question is overall a new sculpt. The biggest of this goes for the trenchcoat/vest combo. He has an ab joint, but the vest restricts it. Of course, seeing as how Vic is an investigator, i don't feel like I have to be able to pose him hunched over or doing backflips like I do with characters such as Nightwing, Batman, etc. none of The Question's joints were loose. the ball-joint neck is very limited, but that's kind of the way it's been with this whole line since wave 3 or so...

For a comparison shot...well. I don't have that many non-cape types in my collection. therefore, I went with another trenchcoat lover, Marv from Neca's Sin City movie figure line. As you can plainly see, Marv towers over the Question and would quickly take his life (and coat) if they were to get into a scrap.

"That's a damn fine coat yer wearin'. Be a shame to get blood all over it..." - Marv

So, there you have it. My review for this fine site has come to a close with minimal cussing and/or images of violence. Thanks go out to Novelty for allowing me the opportunity to fill your heads with nonsense. I'll wrap things up with a few more random pics of The Question:

Lemonjuice McGee has one of the most entertaining review site on the internet at Hobotastic Reviews.  During his spare time, he does things to rail cars and he frequents truck stops. This is his first review for Toy a Day.


  1. LOL, this is entertaining and rambling, but written as if you're completely sober. I like it. I also like all the shadows in the photos, particularly with the brick wall background.

  2. I feel bad for The Question.. Batman has "World's Greatest Detective" all wrapped up, so the best he can hope for it to be a paranoid, conspiracy-minded also ran. Poor guy.

  3. Thanks. :) The new apartment has allowed quick access to brick

    The Question is's just they made him a little too crazy in the Justice League cartoon. I wish they'd have made him out to be more like his Watchmen counterpart.

  4. He's a conspiracy nut. They pushed that analogy further in the JL cartoon. He does nothing for me, but he is a great character after all. Oh and he's dead. He's succeeded by Montoya, who I think looks better in those trenchcoat.


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