Tuesday, 11 May 2010

#130 of 365 NECA King Randor

Welcome to The Royals week on MotU May.  The week kicks off with the main royal himself, King Grayskull... wait.... no.... King Hisssss.... wait.... not that either!  It's King Randor!

This King Randor was an exclusive at around the time of Series 5 - i.e. Sssqueeze, Evil-Lyn and Rio Blast, and was only available at Action Figure Express.  Unlike the other stactions, King Randor comes in a nice box.  The back of the box follows almost the same formula as the other stactions - i.e. a drawing of King Randor in front of the Eternian palace (for the Heroic warriors).  The inside packaging was also done with care - instead of the normal cardboard and plastic trays, the contents are packed in a styrofoam block, which preserves the character a lot more than a tray would.

Like all stactions, the statue has a fixed pose.  Unlike most stactions, the status has a real fur cape.  I like the idea of the real fur, but I think the execution is a bit poor - it looks like a backpack on my Randor.  King Randor also comes with a sword, a partially acid-eaten shield and his stand.  The details on the sword and shield are nice and the acid-eaten details on the shield are an interesting touch.  Although the stand may look like any normal NECA staction stand, truth be told, it is a completely different animal.  For starters, there are two pegs instead of the usual one, and the pegs are placed in exactly the correct spot for Randor.  The whole stand is solid and is a lot heavier than the flimsy-by-comparson stands on the other stactions.

This King Randor is a nice update from the vintage character.  Most of what makes the vintage character who he is is still there - the orange and red colour scheme and the bearded face.  However, the update took the symbol on the vintage figure's armour, stylised it and applied it to his sword.  The furry pants has also been changed to a short kilt here which really works for the character.  However, like all figures of the line, it's a little bit anorexic.

The Classics character, on the other hand, seems to be a merger of both the vintage and the staction, taking the best of both the previous figures.  As such, it is definately a big improvement on both.  The red over orange colour scheme is still there, but now it has the updated cross detail on the armour and sword, the blue cape from the staction and a proper face from the vintage figure.

This figure could have been much worse - it could have had the muscular anorexic with french-fries as hair look that the He-Man ended up with, but it didn't.  Instead we got an almost regal looking character.


  1. This does look like a great version of Randor. Sadly, I've seen no Stactions at all at my flea market, so I might have to be without these. I've debated getting the Classics version, but honestly I just don't think it'd be worth it for a casual fan like myself.

  2. This is the exclusive and is a bit rare. There is supposedly a "normal" version, but I don't have that so I have no idea whether that is less rare or not.


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