Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mattel unveils DCUC Wave 15

Well, it was Matty release day less than 12 hours ago, and there's a bunch of frustrated and upset people who did not get their figure of choice (although this month, that figure is more likely the bonus figure than the main figure).  Mattel, as usual, has been doing damage control by releasing information about their upcoming figures in their usual attempt to divert attention from the regular release day fiasco.

First off is DCUC wave 15.

That is a weird Raven, but I like the modern Starman.  Finally the Martian Manhunter is announced.  Sinestro corps Batman is like an odd choice for the wave, but it'll throw those Green Lantern and Batman fans a bone.  What I'm most excited about is Validus! Validus!!!  Fatal Five Validus!  Wow, that's one figure I'd want to get.  Too bad he's a Collect and Connect figure, which means I'll have to get every other figure in the wave just for him.  Boohoo.


  1. What an incredibly odd wave.. Not sure I'm totally sold on it, especially as the characters are getting more and more obscure, and I've had so many bad quality control issues. =(

  2. Hmmm... Starman for JSA, Raven for Teen Titans, J'onn for JLA, Batman for Batman and Green Lantern and Validus for Legion. I hope that read and blue character is the one with the stand.


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