Friday, 28 May 2010

Ebay haul!

I received 3 packages a few days ago and opened them, but did not get the time to actually photograph the contents until today...

I can't open the Strafer, it's still in it's box, and because of a toy a day, well, it'll have to wait its turn in the queue.  Sometimes that is maddening!

However, I can open the weapons which aren't really toys.  Well, Kobra Khan's gun is obvious there, and it's definately Khan's gun as opposed to Zodak's.  So I'm happy there as I did not have a gun for my Khan.

And the other gun?  Well, it's for my Stridor.  I was missing a gun and his tail, so I'm happy to be getting the gun for the Stridor.  Now all I need is the tail, but that can wait for a bit, I guess.

I debated about this, but since it's not on card, Dragon Blaster Skeletor is technically "opened".  I bid on this Skeletor as a lark, but ended up with him.  Oh well.  The thing is, this Skeletor is complete... and then some.  Apparently, he also has Adam's belt around his waist.

I haven't received a new vintage Skeletor for a while, and this one is probably one of the best vintage Skeletors.  No, he doesn't have hair like the NA Skeletor, but he does have a dragon (and I shall refrain from making a joke about his dragon), and S&M chains and a padlock.

Ah good times!  Time to have a shooting contest between Khan and the dragon.  Heh!


  1. That's funny.. I actually just ordered an Adam without a belt. These accessories really know how to get around! Great haul, though. I haven't dipped into Ebay yet, but it's really just a matter of time.

  2. Awesome Skeletor. I rememeber being so jeaous that my kid brother had him and could squirt at all my figures. Good


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