Saturday, 22 May 2010

#142 of 365 NECA Webstor

It's still Creature Feature week that's part of MotU May here.  Today we feature everyone's favourite web-slinger?  Erm... guy on a string.  Yeah, that's it.  There's a bad one panel comic too, but it's not here.  It's posted on Hobotastic as part of this week's Blog Mash Bash.  Head over there to read about the sad story of Webstor.


  1. I thought you were a little harsh in your review of this staction Novelty. I don't mind him being a little anorexic since he's a bug type character. After seeing this and then seeing the classics figure, I was disappointed in they classics one.

    That feeling of disappointment has since abated. I really love the classics figure. I think he's awesome. I would still love an articulated version of the staction though.

  2. I may be harsh, but since it's on Hobotastic, I guess that's the usual anything goes tone. The fact is, they could have made him so much more awesome, but they didn't, which is a pity.


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