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#141 of 365 NECA Snout Spout

We're still on Creature Feature MotU May here on Toy a Day, and today, we feature the weird character with an Elephant's head, Snout Spout.  Well, I've decided to do this as part of this week's Blog Mash Bash on Is It Fun? so head there to go read all about it and tell Wes I sent you!

Edit: Well, Is It Fun? is suspended.  Here's the original review.

Hey all, it’s Novelty again, from Toy a Day.  Since I’m almost a pseudo-contributor here (Ed – heck, I consider you IIF family!), I thought I’d do part of my Toy a Day here this week.  It’s Creature Feature week on Toy a Day’s MotU May.  And today I’m looking at NECA’s Snout Spout.

Right, let’s do this in my usual Toy a Day format then!  Snout Spout is a fireman.  He’s got the Eternian version of elephantiasis or so it seems and literally has an elephants face, complete with snout.  He uses his snout to fight fires.

Snout Spout did not make it to the new cartoon, so it’s a bit of a surprise that he’s got a staction this early in the line.  Snout Spout did make it to MVC’s comic series, so perhaps that’s why he was getting a figure.  Perhaps he would also feature in the second half of the Snakemen season.  Who knows?

Snout Spout is in Series 1 of NECA stactions, together with Hordak and Clawful.  He’s on the usual Series 1 purple card and is posed rather “vanilla” in the bubble.  His axe and “other weapon” is also visible.  The cardback has the Eternian palace, of course, since he’s a Heroic warrior, and a nice illustration of Snout Spout in a battle crouch.  Part of this image is also used on the title card.

Snout Spout comes with his axe, his “other weapon” which looks to be a wrench of sorts, and the heroic warrior blue base.  The figure has his usual orange jumpsuit, but the legs were something of a surprise to me.  I expected boots, but instead we got these weird hooves instead.  Snout Spout also has a backpack, but this being a staction, it’s only a piece of plastic which does nothing.  Perhaps if it would have actually held water had this would have been an action figure?  Hmm…

Despite the weird legs, this Snout Spout actually stands rather well, even with both weapons in hands and the long snout in front.  There’s nothing much to write about the weapons: an axe and a small hand tool in silver and blue, with some nicely sculpted detail, but nothing that stands out too much.  The blue on the weapons matches the colour of the “superman pants” on the figure.

The head sculpt and the snout is also rather plain.  I’m not sure I like the stubs were the tusks would have gone – it sort of reminds me of cruelty to elephants where their tusks are usually removed by poachers for the ivory trade, leaving the elephant to die in the bush.  What I do like are the details on the straps of the backpack across his chest.  Sculpted onto the detail are buttons and what appears to be a LED screen.  It’s busy, yet simple and it works for this firefighter.

And it’s not a Toy a Day, especially a guest blog here on Is It Fun?, without comparisons.  First off, the comparison with the vintage figure.  Well, the colour scheme has remained unchanged, but there’s been a few welcomed modifications such as the transformation of the axe to a proper big axe and the details of the harness on the staction.  The addition of the backpack is also great.  What doesn’t work for me are the weird hooves/legs and the stubs where the tusks would have gone.

Unlike Clawful and Hordak and the rest of the millennium line, the one thing I cannot say about Snout Spout is that he’s anorexic (which is a welcome change!).  He looks rather well proportionate, yet despite his non-anorexic look, he still does fit in with the rest of the millennium figures, as the photo above shows.  Also, as the photo above shows, the lower part of his snout, appears to be a bit too phallic, particularly as it seems to extrude from the groin!  I wouldn’t have noticed it had it not been the recent review of Battle Sound He-Man here on Is it Fun?

So the ultimate question remains… is this NECA Snout Spout fun?  Well, it doesn’t have articulation, and it reminds me of cruelty to animals…
Final Verdict: Sorta Fun

What? Why does it rate something more than a Meh?  Despite the lack of articulation, this figure is still fun to pose and play with.  I had fun posing the figure with other figures of the millennium line and generally playing with him.  The lack of articulation and the odd legs and face didn’t really get in the way of fun.  Oh, and it’s one of the few figures in the millennium line that I’m not calling anorexic – that definitely bumps it up a notch or two.

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