Thursday, 6 May 2010

#125 of 365 Millennium Evil Lyn

We continue Femme week with Evil Lyn.  Yes, red carded Millennium Lyn.  I really love the title card - the purple of Evil Lyn just matches so well with the Snake Mountain.  Well, regular readers will know by now what I think of the red cards.  And what about the action figure itself?  You'll have to head over to Hobotastic to read all about it.  I do warn you though, it's NSFW as the writing style (and raison d'etat) for Hobotastic is so completely different from what I do here.  Pictures, are on my Facebook album, as usual.


  1. Lots of views so far...cause it's great!

  2. I can't believe it's top 5 on your site. Thanks for the pimping!

  3. That was an interesting review. lol

    I personally think this is the best looking MOC Evil-Lyn we will EVER get. The red and blue packaging screams "original line" and the purple with Snake Mountain accented her greatly. It did for all of Skelly's crew. I really, really loved the 200X packaging. I'm not so big on the packaging for MOTUC.

    Mattel's 200X Evil-Lyn is my favourite colouring of Evil-Lyn out of every media she's been in. In the MVC comics and the Staction of her, they have bronze on her. I just think it really clashes and ruins her overall look. MYP may have it, but it's so muted it's barely noticeable.

    When MOTUC gets to 200X Evil-Lyn, I hope she's coloured like this one. :)

    I also don't see the kinky sexyness people are talking about. lol She's cold, evil and will kill you if you look at her. ;)

  4. Things always get interesting on Hobotastic. And I do like the red packaging on the millennium line. The MotUC packaging is a bit meh because of the colour.


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