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#146 of 365 Millennium Mecha-Blade Skeletor

Yesterday we had Mecha-Blade He-Man guest blosted (that's blog and posted) on Hobotastic.  Today, we're still on Bionic week, MotU May here at TaD and we're featuring the corresponding Skeletor - that's right, it's Mecha-Blade Skeletor.  But that's not here as well.  In the interest of showing impartiality, I'm guest blogging that also, this time at Is It Fun?  Go read it there!

Edit: Well, Is It Fun? is suspended.  Here's the original review.

Hey all, it’s Novelty from Toy a Day here again, this time with another Skeletor.  Mecha-Armor Skeletor.  He’s part of Bionic week in MotU May on TaD, and I’ve sorta gotten into the style of writing, or guest blogging, or blosting (which is my own neologism for the mash-up of blog and posting) here in the same style as I do on TaD, but with the Is It Fun? ranking at the end, which works well.  Oh and for those who are wondering, so far we’ve had Dragon Walker and Mecha-Armor He-Man as part of Bionic week.

This Skeletor is a deluxe figure, which means he costs more than the usual figures.  It also means he comes with more bits and bobs (well, not boobs as in the case of He-Man).  This Skeletor is on a green card, and, well, as usual I don’t like it, although the card back is rather well done in terms of layout and isn’t too congested.

Out of the bubble, Skeletor comes with his havoc staff and the firing ram’s head and four claws, for the lack of a better description.  Affixed onto Skeletor himself, yet still detachable, are the 4 connectors for the “Doc Ock” appendages, and a snake head helmet.  The color scheme for the weapons seem to be a dull ugly red-brown.  I mean it’s a nice colour, but it doesn’t go with the blue-skin Skeletor and his green and black armor somehow!

Talking about the green and black armour, I think they are rather nicely done.  The chestplate is of a robotic head design, with the snake symbol going through the mouth of the head at Skeletor’s navel.  That’s almost as if the breastplate is eating the snake.  It’s nicely done.  The kilt has a weird Japanese flair to it, and seems to be constructed of snakeskin, which is cool.  What’s even crazier is the long forked tongue hanging down from his groin with two longish phallic grey things beside it.  Hmm…

Skeletor’s head, under the snake helmet seems rather weird.  Yes, it’s a repaint of his usual millennium head, but it’s an odd repaint at that.  The face is still yellow, so there’s no change there, but the hood is maroon in colour, almost the same shade as his weapons.  And the funny part is that his jaw is green, yes green.  Is this a Trap Jaw homage, or a mispaint?  I don’t have an idea. (ed – Trap Jaw’s lipstick rubbed off on him.)

Now this Skeletor, like his counterpart He-Man, has a cord on his back, which when pulled, causes the Doc Ock appendages to close in and “grip” someone who’s standing, well, close enough to smell Skeletor’s body odor.  I guess this is Skeletor’s new way of punishing his minions, by forcing them closer to him.  This action feature really makes no sense.  At least on Doc Ock, those free moving arms are able to be operated independently to give Doc Ock lots more control (and perhaps pleasure).  Not on this Skeletor where the appendages end with a pointy end and when the cord is pulled, the pointy ends drive home towards Skeletor’s chest!

I have no idea if this Skeletor was designed for Mecha-Bite Panthor.  Somehow I doubt that is so.  Why?  Well, a number of reasons.  For starters, the colour scheme of the Panthor does not match the Skeletor – Panthor has gold instead of Skeletor’s silver.  Secondly, Panthor’s gun in the back gets in the way of Skeletor’s cord.  Also, the motifs on Skeletor do not really match those on Panthor.

When placed next to Ice Armor Skeletor, the deluxe size of Mecha-Armor Skeletor becomes clear.  Mecha-Armor is larger, taller, broader, and that’s excluding the Doc Ock appendages.  Because of the armor, Mecha-Armor does not look anorexic, in fact he seems very well proportioned.  The only oddity on Mecha-Armor is the paintjob on his face, which is not golden in colour and has a weird green jaw as mentioned above.

Mecha-Armor Skeletor is a lot better than his He-man counterpart.  That’s because Mecha-Armor He-man has boobs, wears a skirt, looks anorexic and has french fries instead of hair.  Skeletor, in summary, does not look like a tranvestite.  The weirdly coloured Mecha-Armor Skeletor’s face, by comparison is tame.  Skeletor also has a firing weapon, whereas He-man has a very impractical sword.

So what’s the verdict?  Is it fun?

Final Verdict: Meh

We don’t need another Skeletor variant.  And this one, despite being a deluxe figure, is badly colored and has an action feature that doesn’t really make sense.  Your money could be better spent elsewhere, and if you’re looking for a variant Skeletor, try Ice Armor Skeletor or Fire Armor Skeletor!

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