Thursday, 20 May 2010

#140 of 365 NECA Clawful

It's Creature Feature week here on Toy a Day, and today, we have the crunchy crustacean Clawful.

Clawful was one of the few characters in the Millennium series that never got made into an action figure, despite his many outings on the cartoons.  He was close to being made as an action figure though, as his placement on Series 1 of of staction shows.  Hordak and Snout Spout were the other 2 in the series.  I like Clawful's artwork on the cardback - he's hulking there, yet retains his Clawfulness.  Like all other Evil warriors, there's also a Snake Mountain in the background.  The thing about Series 1, with its purple background is that it works a lot better for an evil warrior than for Hordak.

Out of the packaging, well, it's just a figure, his weapon (which can be disassembled into two parts) and the evil warriors purple stand.  It's a staction, so there's no articulation, and because of that, it's a pain to put his mace into his claws - which is why, I suppose, the mace can be broken into two, to enable it to be forced into his claws.  The figure itself is heavy - like a brick!

There's quite a lot of detailing on the figure, including the scales on his shoulders.  The paintwork is nicely done.  The one thing about the figure is my usual complaint about the millennium line - he looks way too anorexic - Clawful's waist is about the same dimensions as his upper arms!

When compared with the vintage figure, this upgrade seems to retain some of the characteristics of the vintage figure, but it has exaggerated the proportions beyond belief.  The oversized claw is now really oversized.  The shoulders are more crablike than the vintage humanoid figure.  A nice touch is that the skin colour is of the darker coffee shade just like the vintage.

Despite Clawful's huge size, he's actually very well designed for the rest of the line.  Granted, his shoulders give him a behemoth look when placed next to a millennium line figure like Ice Armor Skeletor, but thanks to the anorexic look and the organic-mechanical-looking clothing, the staction fits right into the millennium line.

I have to say I actually like this Clawful, and it's a pity that he was not made into an action figure.  The yet to be announced Classics remake of Clawful will probably not have the bulk that this Clawful has, which will be a pity.


  1. Wow! He is massive compared to other stactions! That's a nice touch. I always wondered why he never got the figure treatment in the 200X line since he was in the series from the very beginning...

  2. Yeah, I like his massiveness and I've also wondered why he never got an action figure. Well, I believe it was due to the incompetence of the Mattel marketing team, but well, like I told Wes, let's take it to someplace less public :)

  3. I still haven't seen any of these staction figures, so I don't really have a basis for personal comparison, but it does look like they did alright with it!

  4. They weren't mass produced, so you might not be able to get them at the flea market... but then again, who knows?


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