Sunday, 16 May 2010

#136 of 365 Masters of the Universe Laser Bolt

I'm out of Royals for Royals week, so today I've just decided to do my second vintage opening this month (the first was Bionatops).  I have no idea how rare Laser Bolt is, and to be honest, I don't really care.  I already have one that's opened, but it's always good to "army build" certain vehicles, and the Laser Bolt seems to be a good one to army build.

The vintage box brings back good memories - a nice window in front with great artwork above that.  The back shows the figures of the line (judging by the Two Bad and Sy-Klone, would place Laser Bolt about 1985-86) and the action features in boxes.  The bottom of the box (see the picture on my Facebook album) shows the artwork in even better detail.

Out of the box, it's just a red vehicle with 3 wheels.  Press a buttom and it stands up.  The concept is simple, the design is simple and clean.  There's quite a bit of decals and there's a whole sticker sheet as well (which I did not apply since well, there's already a dearth of stickers on the vehicle).  The guns are detachable.  The wheels roll freely.  There's no balance issues in either mode.

I was going to use my vintage He-Man for the review, but then decided it might be better to have Classics He-Man instead.  I'm surprised how well the Classics He-Man fits on the vehicle - he fits even better thanks to this extra articulation points.  The hands grip the handles with no problem, and even his feet fit into the slot that was originally designed for vintage He-Man.  Thanks to the extra height of Classics He-Man, he looks even better when Laser Bolt is in the upright position.  I rather like this combo.

Comparison time?  Well, there's no other Laser Bolt vehicle to compare it to, so I grabbed the closest thing I had in hand at that time that's comparable and ended up with the Battle Raptor from yesterday.  OK, so the Laser Bolt is not as detailed as the Millennium line's Raptor, and the colour scheme is way too simplistic.  Nevertheless, I still think the Laser Bolt can be favourably compared with the Battle Raptor, in terms of looks, and play value - in fact, despite its lack of firing missiles, the rolling wheels on the Laser Bolt for exceeds the up and down motion of the Battle Raptor, a toy that was made almost 20 years after the Laser Bolt.  If  I was given a choice to choose between the two, I would definately pick up the Laser Bolt, not because of Nostalgia value, but for play value and for it's more mechanised looks, which works well for any of the MotU lines.

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