Monday, 20 September 2010

#263 of 365 Dick Tracy Influence

Wow, it's figure number 10 of the line and this is not the end, despite the line not having the words "Universe" in it!  Today's Dick Tracy figure is Influence, and he's the tenth figure of the Dick Tracy fortnight here as part of Super Screened September.

Influence comes on the usual card, and I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.  The bios on the back has profile and mugshots of the character, but these aren't done in the usual mugshot style, with the mugshot background, which is a pity.

The character has a horrendous limegreen suit with a yellow tie.  The sculpted details on the torso and face aren't as good as the other figures, but the paintwork on the figure makes up for that by being slightly better than usual.  Influence comes with the usual accessories that can be associated with the word "dick" - a long metal crowbar, a pistol and a gunbelt with a peg that looks like a penis.  The gunbelt though, can't be worn around his waist, or his shoulders, so I've opted for wearing it around his thigh.

And yes, the ugly green has been used before, as part of The Tramp's jacket, but moreso as Shoulder's suit and hat.  I guess that one point alone makes him fit in rather well with the rest of the line... and that green colour also means he'd be excellent in the TMNT line as well!


  1. I don't remember this guy. Hmmm... that puzzles me.

  2. That's because you were smoking too many of your figures! Or not! Oh well.

  3. Vaguely remember owning this guy... damn ugly.

  4. Well, if you vaguely remembering owning him, he must not have made a huge impact on you. I wonder how well these toys would do in today's market if given the correct tooling and articulation and gimmicks.


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