Friday, 17 September 2010

#260 of 365 Dick Tracy Shoulders

This is the start of the second half of Dick Tracy fortnight, which is part of Super Screened September here on Toy a Day.  Today's figure is Shoulders!

Shoulders comes on the usual Dick Tracy card.  There's nothing more to be added about the card that I haven't already said before.  The back does have 14 characters, that presumably formed the first wave of the release.  I wonder if there's a second wave.

Shoulders is moulded mainly in green plastic, and as a result, he wears a green coat and pants with a green hat.  The sculpt, like all the others previously opened has great details, including a tie-clip on the tie and a grimace on the face.  The paintwork is acceptable, but is far from excellent.  Nevertheless, it does bring fort the details of the sculpt, including the aforementioned tie-clip.  Curiously, Shoulders' shirt is painted lavender, which clashes with the green, but doesn't actually look too bad aesthetically... well, the shirt that is - the green suit though, is a different matter altogether.

Shoulders comes with the usual assortment of phallic weapons including the shotgun first seen with Flattop, and a long phallic club with spikes on the end for extra damage or pleasure, depending on whether you're on the giving end or the receiving end.  He also has a bullet clip belt which fits around hsi waist rather nicely.

Again, thanks to the hat, and the rather slim face, Shoulders doesn't seem like a bobble-head doll.  However, the weird shade of green and the weird sculpted pose makes him look like a Ninja Turtle instead.  He does fit in well with the rest of the figures from the line, and next to them, his green suit doesn't seem too garish.  I wonder though how he'd look next to some Ninja Turtles.


  1. HA! They're so similar you actually start calling him Mumbles halfway down the review. Not a good sign. :)

  2. I'm glad someone noticed that! LOL.


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