Monday, 18 July 2011

#152 of 365 DC Universe Classics Orion - Repost

It's DCUC month for 2011 and I thought I'll repost what I wrote for Wave 1 from last year.  Enjoy the first figure in the wave, Orion.

It's June, and after 2 months of MotU madness, I'm glad to be moving on to other things.  That doesn't mean I'm forgetting MotU completely.  Optikk and Tytus are on their way as I write this and will probably be slotted into JL June as well.

Now, I'm not a huge DC fan - the only property there that I have any interest in are the Legion of Superheroes.  So please bear that in mind for this whole month.

We start off JL June with DCUC Wave 1, and I decided to open them in the order Mattel decided they should be opened - namely 1. Orion.

Orion is the son of Darkseid (the villian of the DC Universe) that was raised by the New Gods (sort of good guys).  Therefore he's got anger issues, but yet tries to do what's right.  Or something like that.  I like the display in the bubble, and the fact that the bubble is clear all the way around is a plus.  The title card on the bottom is a bit "meh" (and if you read Is It Fun? that has a particular meaning) and boring.  They could have used any amount of Comic artwork for this guy.  The background is nice though - it's made up of comic panels, but is coloured in such a way to appear as a starburst and forms a nice frame to the character in the bubble - all the lines are drawn towards the character.

The cardback is a weird honeycome that features all 5 characters in the wave as well as the Collect and Connect (or CnC) figure of the Wave, which is Damien Killen... wait, no Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho.  There's a short bio at the bottom, but that's almost inconsequential.

I like the sides of the title card, which shows which bit of Metamorpho we're getting with the character.  The title card also hides the unsightly body part from view through the bubble - and in this case, it's definately unsightly.

Orion comes iwth his harness, and the two bits of Metamorpho.  The harness is made from a soft plastic, so it's great to play with and can flex when Orion is posed.  Orion though, is slightly odd.  The colour choice for his body is weird.  The red is dulled and almost maroon and the blue doesn't really match the red.  The was that they gave the figure makes the red looks dirty somehow and I'm not a fan of that either.

This is Wave 1 though, and there's a whole lot of issues with the paintwork.  Let me just say that my copy of Orion's face has more in common with a bootleg than a figure from Mattel - the paint job is horrible, the fins on top of his head is bent into a weird shape.  And I won't even go into detail about the rest of the body.

Overall, this is a disappointing first figure to behold.  I'm glad that I'm not a huge fan of JLA (of which Orion was part of during Morrison's first run) or the New Gods.  He's definately going back into the box!

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