Thursday, 21 July 2011

#566 of Year 2 DCUC Dex-Starr

It's Thursday!  And it's Figure 4 of GL Wave 2 today, since it's GL Wave 2 week of DCUC 2011 month here on Toy a Day.  But I'm doing something different today.  It's a three pack.  One of the figures will be reviewed here, while the other two figures will be guest reviewed on Killer B Hive and A Year of Toys.

Dex-Starr comes in the same packaging as Despotellis and B'Dg and they are packaged inside the blister/bubble as if they are actually fighting in front of the starburst.  They could have made the bio and the stats a lot more wordy, but they used generic text to reduce the amount of text required and fit everything nicely on the back of the card.

I also like the way that there are the symbols of the three Corps on the title card, and that the parallelogram has been equally divided into three parts, one with each of the symbols.  The three pack also includes Stel's torso... and an accessory for Dex-Starr - a ring construct.

Dex-Starr has four points of articulations at the neck, tail and shoulders.  The sculpt is amazing, the face does look like a scary blue cat, while the torso and the limbs are sculpted in such a way to hint that there's fur underneath the costume.  The red lantern ring is actually sculpted onto the tail, which is hillarious.  The accessory is a red lantern ring construct that attaches to Dex-Starr's mouth rather securely.  It's like acid breath or vomit or cherry-ade being sprayed from Dex-Starr's mouth and it is hillarious.

Dex-Starr is my first red lantern, so I have no idea who to put him next to.  I've got Nite-Lik or Skullox coming up in the same wave in a couple of days, so let's see if I'd like a Red Lantern display as well...

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