Sunday, 20 March 2011

#443 of Year 2 Revoltech Evangelion Prototype

This is my last unopened Yamaguchi figure, or well, it was.  Welcome to Mecha March and yesterday was the last of the unopened Transformers toys.  It was also a Yamaguchi, which is the smaller of the two action figure lines (that I know of) from Kaiyodo.

I have never watched the Evangelion anime, so I have no idea who this is or what is the significance of the Prototype.  It looks like an interesting figure though from the box, and the poses on the back seems interesting.  The packaging is similar to Hot Rodimus' from yesterday, although I think someone at the store swapped round the ribbon thing.  Still, that's no biggie as it's easily fixed, but I thought I'd photograph it the way I actually purchased this... over 2 years ago, I think.

At first glance, the figure doesn't seem to come with extra hands, but it does have a whole lot of weapons.  The sheet that comes with it has really, really small images of the other 32 figures in the line, but since I don't know much of the property, and I don't read Japanese, it was a bit pointless for me to pour over it.

Cleverly hidden underneath the tray is a bag that includes the stands, but also a whole bucketload of fists.  Mr. Potato, eat your heart out!  The figure comes with two guns, two swords, a whip thing, a three piece stand and 4 pairs of hands.  Hooray- it isn't a Japanese toy without the multiple hands, me thinks.

The basic figure is well sculpted, with quite a bit of detail on the body.  The paint is minimal, as post of the figure is formed from individual pieces of plastic glued together.  The joitns are the standard Revoltech joints, and the hinged ball joints do give the figure quite a lot of movement, although the sculpt limits this by including pieces like the extra long knee caps and ankle guards.

The figure surprisingly is larger than Hot Rodimus, who's also in the same line.  He also seems a lot more posable than Hot Rodimus thanks to his slender construction.

I bought this figure without knowing anything about it, but based on the fiddling about with it after opening it, I must say, it's a very interesting figure, and I do like it.


  1. Oh it's an awesome series, if you haven't seen it. But be prepared to be boggled! It's one of those "meaning of life in the universe" sort of animes.

    This figure is one of the initial 2 mechs they have in the series. They use them to defend New Tokyo. Great figure, but I always wanted to get the purple Eva 001 more--he's mech the main guy pilots. :)

  2. I'll have to look for it the next time I'm in your town.


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