Wednesday, 30 March 2011

#453 of Year 2 Lego Creator 4917 Mini-Robots

One more day till the end of Mecha March, am I'm still on a Lego spree.  Well, maybe tomorrow I'll open what you were hoping for... or maybe I won't?  I know what I'm opening, but for today, it's another Lego Mech.  OK, maybe Mech is a bit of a misnomer here, but it's one of those build-a-bot things.

The Creator line is just a basic bunch of bricks set, but there's usually a theme to it.  This one alows the building of little 'bots, and there are pictures of three of them on the packaging.  The pastic outer shell is red and nice, but it does somewhat resemble a deodorant stick.  That's not a good comparison to be making.

There are two plastic baggies and an instruction book inside the deodorant shaped container.  That's good.  The build was slightly complicated, despite the size, and the first model built looks all sorts of good.  The instructions does have the steps to build the other two models, including a huge bird thing, but they didn't look as good as the main model, so I didn't bother building them.

The robot barely stands 2-inches tall, but there's a whole ton of details, including nicely coloured bricks to accessoriese.  The eyes are from another two coloured transparent bricks, which is a nice little touch.  There's 7 points of articulation (10 if the shoulderpads and gun is included).  It does fall apart when handled rough, but then again, it is Lego.  Still this is a nice little model.


  1. The colour scheme (white-blue) with the coloured lights on the front makes him seem like some cop bot

  2. Ah, maybe that's why I like him!


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