Sunday, 6 March 2011

#429 of Year 2 Transformers RotF Skids and Mudflap

Yes, I do have a Revenge of the Fallen toy, despite my dislike of the Bayformers.  Welcome to Mecha March here on Toy a Day, and today, it's a two-pack - Skids and Mudflap, which combines to form an ice cream truck.  When I saw the model in the movie, I told myself that I must get the toy because it's so cool that we have an ice cream truck transformers.  Then in the next instant, I told myself Hasbro will never make such a model because he was only in the movie for such a short time.  Well, I was wrong, and to figuratively eat my hat, I got the toy.

The front of the box has the usual Transformers formula - logo on the top, bubble, and title card.  The back of the box has two bios and pictures of both robots and their combined vehicle mode.  That leaves rather limited space for the rest of the text, but Hasbro managed to squeeze that in.

I have no idea why Hasbro calls Skids with an Autobot qualifier.  Is there a Decepticon Skids?  Or is the name held by some other property?  I have no idea.

The pile of junk look, thankfully is limited to their faces, and that's shown in a major way on the title card.  It also serves to differientiate the packaging from the others in the line, although a pink and white transformers is a lot distinctive than the usual dull coloured vehicles.

There's one other figure shown on the bottom of the bubble, and that's also where Hasbro moved quite a bit of the usual text.

The vehicle comes broken in two parts, although it's not that difficult putting it together.  I had to get Mudflap's head out of the way first though.  Also, note that in the photo above, this is the only time that the hood will stay down.  After I transformed Skids, his head just refused to stay hidden under the hood when transformed back into vehicle mode.

Skids and Mudflap?  Pink and white robots.  These will definitely stand out in the RotF lineup.  Heck, it might even stand out when placed with some of the recent figures.  They are short and stubby, shorter even than the small Activators Bumblebee.  The parts have an annoying habit of falling off during transformation, something I'm not fond of.  There's quite a lot of kibble in robot mode, but Hasbro (or whoever designed these) have made creative use of them such that the robots don't actually look like two halves of an ice cream truck.  The articulation is pitiful, particularly when I'm so used to that on the Animated figures.  Oh well, bad movie, better toys, but not the best that can be had.  I'd display them as an ice cream truck, but since Skid's pile of junk head refused to stay down, well, I guess I'm gonna relegate them back into the box.


  1. I'm with you; not a fan of movie transformer designs.

  2. In the first movie, it was literally a vehicle turning into a pile of junk. Yuck.

  3. When the first movie "rolled out" I bought some Autobots and a few Cons, but ended up regretting most of those purchases. When ROTF came around I virtually ignored the line, except for these guys and Ransack, the Scout class Decepticon Bi-Plane. The 'novelty' of having a Transformer that converted into an ice cream truck was too hard to pass up. I also had trouble keeping Skids' head down, so I think there might have been a design flaw there or something. While I'm not opposed to anything "new" and not GeeWun (I lurve TFA and Beast Wars) I'm not so much of a fan of the Bayformers designs. A "pile of junk" is a pretty accurate description of 99% of all the movie related TF toys.

  4. I just found out that they are calling this figure a Shell-former. And that's what it is.
    Still, an icecream truck is an icecream truck.


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