Friday, 4 March 2011

#427 of Year 2 Zoids Reptojaguar Set

I do remember that I was gonna purchase all the first 6 Zoids in this range, but was out of money, so I got the two sets and the two blue creatures thinking that I'll go back for the other 2 red creatures.  Alas, I never got to the red creatures and they were all gone before I could get them so I'm left with the sole red Neo Blox Zoid.  Now the Zoids have always been Blue = good guys, Red = bad guys, and I guess this time around it's the same story again, except that I'm way short on my red guys.

The box is similar to the Brave Jaguar one from yesterday, but this is coloured red, of course, as they are a whole different faction altogether.  The picture on the model on the front seems a bit meh and the choice of colours used - red and that weird purple and magenta and white just seems way too out of kilter to me.

The side of the box does show what else it can do with the other two zoids in the series.  I never did get those Zoids.  The box folds out like a suitcase, which I thought was a nice detail and everything is neatly packaged inside.

Of course, since this is a set, it comes with a smaller extra mode, this one being a spiderlike being that they have named Spear Wing.  The build is easy, and it's all just one colour so it looks boring.  The pegs don't connect too well to the holes and it does fall apart rather easily.

It does have a nice articulated claw thing attached to its side, which is impressive and would have been better had it been able not to fall off.

The Reptojaguar itself is hot pink, gold, black and eggplant purple, with a cockpit that has a bubblegum red (is that shade known as fuchsia?)  One thing I've got to mention is that taking the parts off the "sheets" are rather easy with scissors, but they do need a nail-clipper to remove the excess bits of leftover plastic.

The build was way too easy.  I have no idea if it's because I'm so used to it by now, this being my fourth main model and all.  The instructions is all in Japanese, but one doesn't need to understand Japanese to understand the arrows on the diagrams.  Indeed, the instructions is pictorally very well done.

The model itself is interesting, with that scary raptor look and the biomechanical details.  The odd thing is that the cockpit is on the back instead of in the head as is normal for the Zoids.  That's a bit odd.  Also the colour scheme does look as if someone without a sense of colour slapped it together.  It's just aweful.  The articulation is decent, thanks to the Neo Blox system of ball sockets, and there are some hinged joints particularly on the elbows and knees.

I do like the model, just not the colour.  It's probably the colour that made me put off getting the other 2 Red Zoids until I had more funds - the Blue Zoids are amazing colour-wise, but these red ones, not so much.  I don't regret not getting the remaining two Zoids though.  One more thing to note, apparently these were only available in Asia.  Go figure...


  1. Yeah having the cockpit on the back looks like some strange tumour and doesn't flow with the organic look

  2. The other 2 red Zoids in the line had that as well. Usually, I like the Red Zoids, but the colours and this bump on the back really put me off them.


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