Friday, 18 March 2011

#441 of Year 2 Transformers Rip-Off Superion

Good things comes in twos, or at least that's my theory.  So here's a knock-off Superion for today as I run down most things Transformers this Mecha March.

The box is similar to Raiden's from yesterday, in that all the planes are visible on the front.  The Chinese have named these "Fighterplnce" - that last syllable is going to be difficult to pronounce!  The back has nice pictures of the robots and jets and the instructions for the transformation as well as how to combine them together to form Superion.

Again, I think they obtained the original moulds from Takara to make these because these are very well made.  However, they used a very cheap and brittle plastic to form the planes such that I was breaking them when I transformed them.  That's not good, and there were so many times I screamed in frustration whilst trying to get them to change from fighter planes to robot.

I broke Air Raid's cockpit (top left) while trying to transform him into robot mode, and I just stuck it back on his back.  Slingshot transformed easier, but I did take care not to break his really thin arms.

I was thankful that I didn't break Fireflight, although he does stand a bit wonky what with those joined legs.  Skydive's wing fell apart as I was trying to push it back, so I guess there's one robot that won't be going back into plane mode.

Silverbolt is the best made of the five, and he even does have his "spring launch" catapult action feature that was present with the Transformers toy.  It's a pity that he doesnt' come with the ramp here.  Yes, those are vacmetal gold parts on his arms and shins.

Superions formation isn't too difficult - basically everything just plugs in to form him.  The joints are really tight, thanks to Superion being well made, but I had some trouble disassembling the arms and legs from him.  Superion stnads a head taller than Raiden, which means he'd be the same height as Masterpiece Grimlock.  He's good, but because they used such cheap plastic on him, I really don't like him... well, this version of him anyways.


  1. I had vintage Superion and it was the most awesome thing one could have as a kid... even if the arms and legs would fall off easily

  2. I loved the scramble city sets as a kid, but I only had Abominus. I got the G2 Combaticons later, although I don't remember them well. I'm glad you liked your Superion... any idea if you still have it? Irregularly updated could use an irregular update!

  3. I got this cheap KO set a while back, so friggin' bad, between that and the KO Constructicons I got I basically wasted the money spent on them.

  4. I'm glad I didn't get the constructicons then. I'm also grateful that I have the G1 and G2 versions of the constructicons. I've got to display them one of these days.

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