Friday, 11 March 2011

#434 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Bulkhead

It's Transformers Animated week, Mecha March here on Toy a Day, and today I'm opening something I picked up from a Forbidden Planet in Leeds, England.  Yay for Forbidden Planet!  It's Bulkhead, of course and he's Voyager class, whatever that means.  Yes, I know this isn't the headmasters version, with the speech and the extra head, but oh well.

The box is the standard Animated Voyager box, but it's modified heavily for Bulkhead.  Of course.  Bulkhead's picture is on the front and because he's green, he contrasts highly with the red and blue and white on the box and stands out a bit more than the other figures.  There's no cross-see images on the back of my box, which is normal.  They have been moved to the sides instead.   This is a European box though, so notice how cluttered the back of the box is .

The vehicle mode is nice and solid - the wheels roll so there's 6 points of articulation off the bat.  The sculpt includes the headlights and minor details like hatches.  There are a number of screw holes, but those don't detract too much from the overall design.

There isn't much paint, but the little bit of paint on the toy - the star on the sides, the sirens and the lights, all look good.  Despite being Voyager class, he's actually in scale to Activators Bumblebee.

The transformation was a bit clunky the first time around, but got relatively easy after that.  The robot mode is short and stumpy, shorter than even Ratchet and Prowl, but he's triple the width of Prowl and almost double that of Ratchet.  There's articulation on most of his joints, and each of his fingers also do move thanks to the built in hinges.  The headsculpt is faithful to the cartoon and he looks good overall.  There's only two things that I find as an issue - he's topheavy and the small chicken like legs can't really take the weight too well... and his kibble on his back doesn't transform to become a chair.  Boo.


  1. Not sure if his design is based on his cartoon appearance but yeah his legs look like they could be beefed up for sure.I do like the bulkiness of the upper torso; if only his legs could be the size of his arms.

  2. The larger Bulkhead can use the kibble on his back like a chair. This smaller version is more cartoon accurate in appearance, otherwise.

  3. Yeah, I love the Leader class version better. Not to say that this isn't a good figure, but that the other one is just too excellent. I mean, other than what Mario said, he's got light up eyes and chest, talking phrases, and...a Headmaster!!! Ownage, TO-TAL OWNAGE!

  4. Yup, I'd like to have that one too. It'd probably be more in scale with the other figures than him. But alas! Unless you can confirm that there's one of him lurking around China Square for my next visit to the island republic...

  5. I like the Voyager Bulkhead a lot more than the Leader class version. I bought the Voy first, and then got the Leader on clearance much later, both are great figures, I just prefer the Voyager. I think its because I like that he's more accurate to the cartoon.

  6. Well, I'm just glad that I got a Bulkhead to complete my five.


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