Thursday, 31 March 2011

#454 of Year 2 Lego Star Wars 7671 AT-AP Walker

It's the final day of Mecha March 2011, and I might as well finish this month off with an honest-to-earth Mecha.  It's still Lego though, I do have a whole bunch of these that I need to open, and I just bought over a grands worth of my plastic crack just this week so...

I didn't buy this set this week though.  I think it's from the last few years (if the box is any indication, it's about the time of Clone Wars Lego).  There's a nice scene on the front of the box with a real photo of the set, and an inset showing the third leg feature in the slightly empty space.  The back of the box shows the features in the model, as well as the three other sets that was released that year, including a Hellfire droid set.

There are five baggies inside the box, and the instruction booklet.  The booklet is thick and has quite a few nice pictures at the end of it.  The baggies are unnumbered, but this is just one huge Mecha anyways, so numbered bags probalby won't make sense.

There are two minifigs with the set.  These are some interesting troopers, and it's probably a unique Lego trooper minifig that's only found in this set or something.  That's what Lego has been doing to get people to actually shell out big bucks for the figures.  It's also why the minifig craze is still going strong at the moment, even with the blind bags.

The build was long, but it wasn't too difficult.  The completed model is nice, and it does include a fold down third leg.  There are two points of articulation on each of the main leg, and three on the third leg, but that's not the full story.

There's all sorts of hatches that opens and the main cannon on the top can be raised/lowered.  The cockpit above the main cannon is swivelable (is that a word?).  All in all, there's a lot of moving parts.  The cab of the model can be peeled opened like a flower, although it probably won't look as pretty as a flower.

Lego Star Wars is rarely disappointing, and this set follows that rule.  This would be great for any Lego Star Wars collection.  Now, where's my Ewoks set?

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