Monday, 28 March 2011

#451 of Year 2 Lego Exoforce 8113 Assault Tiger

It's a brand new week.  We're still on Mecha March, so here's an honest to goodness Mecha.  Wait, erm... well, it's made out of bricks, but it's still a Mecha.  In fact, it's from one of my favourite themes from Lego.  Yup, I'm talking about Exoforce.

I think this is from the final year of Exoforce - there were only three years anyways, before Lego canned it due to poor sales.  The final year had a mixed bag of models, but this one sure looks good.  The box is cluttered on the front, but it does show themain model, albeit illustrated rather than the usual photograph.  There's also an inset with the little Targetmaster (for the lack of a better name).  The back of the box has the more usual photos of the features, and this being lego, the lower half of the box is dedicated to showing how the different models can be combined.

There are three numbred bags inside the box, a decal sheet, three huge pieces, the instruction booklet... and a backdrop that's removable from the box.  The backdrop is shaped like a tray, but it really isn't a tray.  I have no idea why Lego made this piece of cardboard which probably cost a lot to print and would be thrown away with the rest of the box. (unless one keeps the box, of course).

Baggie number 1 builds the targetmaster drone and the pilot Takeshi.  Takeshi has 2 faces - a PO'ed face and a apathetic face.  The two baggies marked 2 build the main mecha.  The build wasn't too difficult, and there's a lot of SNOT (stud not on top) going on, which makes the build interesting.

The final model is less canary yellow than it could have been thanks to the decals.  The feet are massive, and the calves resembles bell-bottoms flaring off from the thin hip joints.  The shoulderpads seems to be give an 80s statement, and clashes mightily with the 70s bell-bottoms.

The android plugs securely into the arm as ... well, I have no idea what it is.  The other arm has the buzzsaw, which looks interesting thanks to the decal, but which also spins.

Overall, this mecha looks like a mecha, has all sorts of weird influences that makes it interesting, including design elements from the 70s and 80s and is tall.  From foot to head he's almost a foot.  The antenna takes it to over a foot if it's included.  He looks great, and stands out proudly thanks to the colour scheme.  I like this one.


  1. Very nice. looks like he stands well too with those huge feet. Reminds me of the yellow mecha thing from the Aliens movie

  2. The ankle joints is a little loose... wait, where have I heard that before? :lol: - so he does have a tendency to fall over...

  3. Nice! I passed up on this guy because he looked, well, too yellow. lol. Love this series though. Great idea and I wished they'd come up with a 2.0 line!

  4. I doubt they'd do a 2.0 line. It wasn't making money.


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