Wednesday, 2 March 2011

#425 of Year 2 Zoids Hurricane Hawk

Mecha March continues with the next Zoids toy.  Nope, it's not a Zoids week this week, just a Zoids half-week or so.  I wish I could have made it a full Zoids week, but I don't have enough for them now since I opened a few last year, and I haven't been buying any of these, since, well, I can't really afford them these days, not with my MotUC habit.  Hi, I'm Novelty and I spend way too much money on :(

The box is similar to Hardbear's from yesterday, and just in case anyone is wondering, the name of the toys are printed in Latin alphabet (and not Japanese katagana... or is that herogana, or however that is spelt?) on the top left of the box.  The picture of the Hawk in flight is an interesting picture, although sadly, they had to crop out its wings.

The side does show the New Blox concept and how the pieces can be used and reassembled as completely different models.  I guess Tomy really is trying to make their model double as a construction toy as well.

There are lots of bits and pieces in the box.  Way too much.  The thing is those wings are massive, and there are four of them here.  One tip I got ages ago for Zoids from a model toy fan - use a nail clipper to remove the extra small bits of plastic.  That's one thing I've always remembered every time I open one of these.

The build wasn't too difficult eventhough the instructions is completely in Japanese.  The pictures though, make it easy to understand, and the modular way the toy is built up also helps greatly with the build.

The model itself isn't too bad.  The cockpit in the head and the articulated tail is nice.  The feet can be articulated to fold closer to its body, but they do somewhat get in the way of the wings when the bird is on the ground.  The wings is a bit weird the way they are stacked one atop the other.  It works, but I can't help but think it looks weird.  Still, despite that, and with the blue/white/gold colour theme, this fits into the Neo Blox theme rather well, and adds an aerial dimension to the line.


  1. Wow. These actually look really complicated, but fun at the same time. Where would one find these?

  2. The design and colours on this one look great. Are these imports and what year was their release?

  3. They were made for the Japanese market, but I got them for cheap at the dollar store so go figure. According to Wikipedia, these were 2006 and that's about when I bought them as well.

  4. 2006? Wonder what new innovations have hit the Zoids line by now


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