Tuesday, 15 March 2011

March 2011 Matty Release Day

It's another month, it's another release day.  This one isn't as spectacular as last month's, or will be as spectacular as next month's, in terms of new product sold, but nevertheless, it's the first time (I think) that two leaders are being made available together and three for sale.

King Hiss, or rather Hsss is the subscription figure for the month and he comes with not just one torso, but two entire torsos.  Which means that there'll be some crazies hoping to get an extra copy of him to display both ways.  I'm tempted to do so, but it's King Hiss, and I'm not a Käärmemiehet-fan so I guess that rather than fight with the slimey fans of the King, I'll wait for his reissue.  That way I get to consider when I get my subscription figure how much I actually like him.

Battle Armor Skeletor is the other new figure for the day and he's basically a Skeletor with a new piece of armour.  No, the chest plates doesn't change automatically - they work the same way as BA He-Man - meaning that you have to manually swap out the plates by removing the armour first.  Still, he's a major variant for Skeletor and I suspect quite a lot of people will remember him as their first Skeletor, so he might be popular too.  I'm getting mine from the subscription, so I've got no worries there.

Adora is the third leader of the month - leader of the Great Rebellion that is, and she's the first reissue/rerelease figure of the day.  She comes with her horde blaster and the original one tone sword and the granny pants/diapers, which isn't too bad in person.  Now I got her ages ago, and I've no desire to get another one of her for whatever reason (no, not even to display as a Hordesman... or Hordeswoman in this case) so I'll gladly pass on this reissue.  Sorry Mr. Tallstar.

Count Marzo is the second reissue/rerelease of the day, and this is one nice figure.  The cape is nicely designed with some interesting paintwork/details and he comes with a sword and hsi famous jewel, but no black flowers.  The look is a bit too super hyper anime, what with the flowing hair and all, but he does look good and he fits rather will into the ranks of Skeletor's evil warriors, or on his own against King Grayskull.  Again, I got my Marzo ages ago, so I guess I'll pass on him.

Simpsons Evil-Lyn, as she has sometimes been called, is the last reissue/rerelease of the month, and I'm not sure if she's an actual reissue/rerelease or just leftover customer service stock.  She comes with Screech and perch, as well as her wand with has a short stick and a long stick *insert joke here* and a dagger.  Perhaps there'll be some who'd buy an extra of her to paint in a different colour scheme, but for me, I'll pass on her and wait for the real purple alternate variant that has been promised to us.

Not really new this time around, but something that has been on the site for two month now (Wow!) are the Grayskull stands.  I have no idea why it's still around, other than Mattel made a whole bunch of them and it didn't sell, but hey, that's a good thing because people can pick these up whenever they pop on the site and pick something up.  Granted, these aren't exactly cheap, but they do look nice when tiled.  I'm not getting any this time around because I'm not going online to get anything else, but if you haven't got them, get one of them just to try them out.

As usual, there is an all in one page for easy ordering.  If you're going in, I wish you good luck and that the CAPTCHA doesn't catcha going "bwuh?!"


  1. I wonder why they are re-releasing Marzo and Lyn so soon rather than say Webstor, Scareglow and Tri-Klops for example? Leftover stock I suppose. I won't be on Matty till that Weapons rack next month so I'm hoping those stands stick around a bit longer.

  2. Yeah, I agree, I think those are leftover stock as well, but I'm not sure if they made any announcements about them.

  3. I dumped my subscription when they went "all in" this year so I now I have to jump through hoops on Mattycollector.com each month for the figure(s) I want. I just barely got in for King Hsss today. I believe he sold out in about 30 mins. today.

  4. Yup, he was gone when I logged in 40 minutes after midnight... and I won't be surprised if the South Americans and Europeans missed him because of a miscalculation due to daylight savings.

  5. Hssss will be back soon (April 1st)...and there may be ample of him left because of the, what seems to be neverending, "shoulder gate." lol

    I guess backwards shoulders is a joke? lol

  6. I'm waiting for Mattel to say that his shoulders is correct, it's the rest of him that's backwards. LOL.


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