Tuesday, 29 March 2011

#452 of Year 2 Lego Exoforce 8103 Sky Guardian

It's another day in Mecha March, and it's another Exoforce for today.  OK, so there weren't that many Exoforce this month anyways, but that's because there are only 3 years of these toys to choose from, and I did like them the first year, which I opened when I got them, so I don't really have a whole lot of them unopened.  And I have even less after today!

The box is actually shiny - tinfoil shiny, both on the front and the back.  I guess that's to attract attention to it, but it also means the box is a lot more costlier to Lego than a normal box.  I guess again, that's why the line was discontinued two years after this set was released.  The front has drawings of the set, as well as the inset for the pilot - Hikaru.  The back has a mixture of photos and drawings, with the top half dedicated to the other figures in the line.

There are three unmarked baggies inside the box, along with a decal sheet and the usual instruction booklet.  The decal sheet seems a bit boring, but it does have explainations about what the chinese characters say.  The baggies really should have had the numbers printed on it to make construction easier, but it's no big loss here.

Hiraku is an interesting figure, but his hair doesn't stay on too well.  The build for the mecha was relatively easy, although the arm construction was slightly more complex, yet it wasn't too challenging.  What was challening was placing the decals on the bricks - since the mecha is so symmetrical, applying them so that they "match" on both halves of him was a pain to get right.

The mecha is boring, and the blades that stand from hsi shoulders make him look like a cactus, or a plucked chicken.  His feet does have some nice details to it, but I guess the most interesting parts of him is the one piece sword and the ball-launcher on the other hand.  It comes with two balls (snicker?), only one of which can fit into the launcher at any time, but it does stay there well... until the lever on the back is pressed, at which point it flies out and shoots quite a distance.  This mecha is playable, but the construction looks ugly and doesn't really lend itself to play.  That's a pity though, but it can't be helped, as the second year was the year that this theme had really bad sets.


  1. I guess they tried to go with a Gundam look but he ends up looking too blocky like an anaemic G1 transformer

  2. It looks to be neither Gundam or G1TF to me.

  3. I agree that it isn;t the best mech design they came up with. So what I did was I bought this guy and combined him with another of the Exoforce mechs of the same size...can;t rem which cos it was awhile ago and now their in storage. Lol. But yeah, the effect I remember was a more solid, less skeletal mech. :)

  4. That's the advantage of it being Lego!


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