Sunday, 27 March 2011

#450 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8691 Antroz

It's the final day of Bionicle week!  Hooray!  Well, I forsee a few more Bionicle week to get through my collection of Bionicle stuff, but I'm just going to finish off the Phantoka here this week.  Actually, I might have more Phantoka stuff in storage, I shall have to dig for them.  Anyways, today is the big red Phantoka - Antroz.

We've seen the packaging before, it's similar to Dalu's, except that this is red, and it has Antroz's image.  The cold misty background for Antroz seems to work well, and Antroz is shown face-on in an action pose that also displays him well.

Like the rest of the other Bionicle for this series, there are no baggies inside the container, just a pile of parts.  I'm still not sure if I like this though.

The build was quick and uncomplicated.  The overall figure looks... a bit anorexic.  The wings are a lot better than some of the other Bionicle in this series, but the waist is basically just a rod?  That's not too great.  The legs are chicken-like in comparison though.

The combined mode with Radiak suffers the same issue in that the connection is another right angle piece.  However, unlike Kazi and Dalu, this one works a lot better, perhaps due to Radiak's slightly different arm design.  Radiak also fills up the gap in Antroz's waist so that he looks less anorexic, and I think overall, it works better than Kazi/Dalu.

So that's it for Bionicle week, but Mecha March 2011 continues tomorrow, as we finish off the month.  Will I have any Exoforce or Macross to open?

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