Saturday, 19 March 2011

#442 of Year 2 Revoltech Hotrodimus

More Transformers today for Mecha March, and again it's not from Hasbro or TakaraTomy.  This is a Rodimus or Hot Rodimus as it's called from Kaiyodo's Revoltech line.

The box is as per the standard Yamaguchi design, with a ribbon wrap on the outside that has lots of Japanese text.  The ribbon has the cross sell stuff on the back and is a great way to actually make the boxes different on the shelves.  The box has a nice window on the front and really nice pictures of the poses of the character on the back.

There is not quite as much in the box as the previous Yamaguchis that I've opened.  OK, I'm calling the entire line Yamaguchi eventhough that might not be the actual name.  There are three pairs of hands, a three piece stand, two guns and an alternate head.  That's not a lot.  Overall, the figure actually looks very blocky, but that's to be expected because it's based on the G1 aesthetic.  It's not transformable, so this makes it less of a Transformers and more of an action figure, I guess.

Thanks to their hinged ball joint gimmick, the figure poses very, very well, although I'm never good with poses.  Changing out the parts can be a bit of a challenge, particularly for the small bits, but they were designed to be pulled apart anyways, so that's not an issue.  I don't think I can count the amount of articulation on the figure - three on each limb (and remember these are hinged ball joints, so they go in all directions), head and waist, and of course on the stand.  The paint on the figure is very well done.

The Yamaguchis are tiny - about 4-inches in size- when compared with the Sci-fi Revoltech line, but that should make them relatively more affordable.  This Rodimus is even smaller than my Animated Rodimus, but thanks to the awesome Japanese sculpting, he looks even better.  I wish they have more Transformers in the Revoltech line, but I think there's just him and Starscream out there.  Oh well.


  1. You forgot Prime and Magnus.

  2. They have those too? Wow, I've never seen those

  3. Yeah, Prime's now really hard to find. Magnus is more reasonable, ut he's th white "armorless versaion as usual. Heh.

  4. LOL. Well, I'm not a Prime collector, so I guess I can pass on him.


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