Thursday, 3 March 2011

#426 of Year 2 Zoids Brave Jaguar Set

Japan likes odd numbers.  Three, Five and Sevens in particular.  Hence the number of syllables in a haiku, for example.  This obviously extends to most everything - there are usually 5 power rangers, for example, or in this case, three blue Neo Blox Zoids. 

Brave Jaguar is NBZ-01, but it has been specially packaged with  an extra model known as the Metal Hopper to be NBZ-07.  The box is slightly bigger than normal, but is not as thick and does not have the flap on top to hang from.  Otherwise, the box is more or less the same, with the addition of the Metal Hopper pictures only to differientiate it from the NBZ-01 box.

There are quite a bit of parts inside the box, including a separate instruction sheet and bag for the Metal Hopper.  That makes sense as the rest of the box, sans the Metal Hopper, is exactly the same as that of NBZ-01.

The Metal Hopper parts doesn't come on those model kit sheets, but are instead loose in a baggie.  The assembly is very easy, but the pegs don't fit into the holes as snugly as the main model.  Consequently, the legs fall off easily, even during normal handling, nevermind it being played with.

The main model wasn't too difficult to put together, again thanks to the modularity of the pieces and the instructions not being in English.  The instruction also has details for an alt mode, which I presume isn an attack mode, and of course, shows how all 3 models can be put together to form a Modulok.... erm... wait, no, a frankenmonster mecha of some sort.

Metal hopper does attach to the back of the model, and likewise may attach to any other model, and surprisingly it's more stable on the main model than by itself.  The main model has some nice interchangable parts, particularly the highly stylised blue pieces which could be used as stylised fur on the head or legs.  The articulation on the entire thing is good, thanks to the hinges in the knees and neck and the ball joints everywhere else.

Thus I complete the trio, but instead of it just being a trio, it's actually a quartet, thanks to the addition of the Metal Hopper.  The colour scheme doesn't blend that well with Hardbear thanks to the presence of the white, but that's only because Hardbear is the odd one out there.


  1. So awsome that they all combine.

  2. They combine with everything in the line. That's the wonder of the Neo Blox line.

  3. About how long does it take you to put one of these sets together? Just curious, as building things like this is half the fun.

  4. These small sets? Less than an hour.

  5. easily the best looking of the 3(4?) blue zoids

  6. Really? I find it a bit too white, but it still does look good.


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