Saturday, 12 March 2011

#435 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Safeguard

It's still the Mecha March Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day, and as we enter the weekend, I get more time, so it's time to show off two figures today and tomorrow.  Safeguard is today's figure, and he consists of Jetstorm and Jetfire.  This is a two-in-one gestalt.

The Japanese box is pretty similar to Wingblade's on the front, but I like the use of the vehicle and the combined safeguard images just above the names.  The back of the box is arranged similarly with Jetfire and Jetstorm on each side and Safeguard inthe middle.

I also like the use of gunmetal black for the tray that holds everything together inside the box, and the nice look of the Autobot logo.  Somehow, I think this is the Japanese version of the Autobot logo, which has subtle difference from the American logo.  There's also the sheet with all the characters in the line - I do wonder though that if the line had continued, would they have continued to do this.

The two brothers are basically identicle sculpts with different head, chestplate and flame scultps.  They function exactly the same, but is a mirror image of each other because of the requirement that they need to combine to form Safeguard.  They are pretty much in scale with the other figures in the line, with the 'teenage' look and height.  The hip plates tend to fly off very easily and the hands and arms look rather awkward, but otherwise the sculpting, paint and design is good.

The transformation to Safeguard isn't too difficult but the split down the middle figure seems a bit Two Face to me.  Also, the pegs that hold the halves together aren't too tight, and he tends to fall apart in play.  One would have thought that each figure would have been able to form either half, but in real fact, there is some differences in the legsculpt of each of the twins such that Jetfire could only be the right side of the body and Jetstorm the right.  The combined figure stands tall, and the sculpt looks better than the individual figures, although the colour scheme makes it look awkward.

The transformation to vehicle is rather straightfoward as well, and I have to say these jets are small... and they don't really look like jets.  The wings are pitiful.  The cockpits are ample though.  I couldn't get them to combine into the combined jet mode, and rather than break the pegs, I decided to let them be.

I llike them as individuals though, and I'm warming up to them as Safeguard, although I still can't get over the half blue/half orange colour scheme.  Oh well.


  1. Interesting combo concept. A top/bottom combine would probably have worked better to avoid the TwoFace split look. Jet modes do look weak with out substantial wings.

  2. A top/bottom combine would have been better, I agree.

  3. I got most/all of the TF:Animated characters in one form or the other, but I really don;t dig these guys. The two-face thing bothers me a little too much...sigh. ;P

  4. The individual robot modes are better, but I guess you can win it all. Still, he makes a rather good 'T' in my logo :)

  5. Like SirDragonBane, I got most/all of the TFA characters, but I passed on these guys. While I applaud them for trying to create a new character/s rather than just rehashing oldies but goodies, the figures just felt out of place in the line.

  6. It's a pity though, because these could be good characters. I still love their robot modes, but not so much their combined modes.


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