Wednesday, 16 March 2011

#439 of Year 2 Transformers Evac

This is the last Transformers for this month... well, the last one by Habro or TakaraTomy anyways.  Are there any other companies that makes Transformers?  Well, there are a few... Anyways, this is a repaint of something or another as Evac for the first Bay movie line.  Evac.

My box is a bit beaten and it's actually open.  That's because the sales lady decided to rip open the top to get the security device out.  Grrr...  The window on the front continues to the top and the sides to allow viewing of the toy from multiple angles.  The back of the box has pictures of Evac in both robot and copter modes, a backstory of sorts, the tech specs and a picture of the cube.

I like the picture of Evac's face on the front of the box, which really distinguishes this box from the million other boxes out there on the shelves.  It was this image that made me buy Evac so many years ago because there was a sale on and there was nothing better that I wanted.

The tray has an even more impressive picture of the cube on the back.  I have no idea if that's a drawing or a picture, but it does look very lifelike.  It's a pity most of it is obstructed by the toy in the packaging, but once the toy has been removed, it does make a rather good backdrop of sorts.

The helicpter mode is huge and chunky.  The tail rotor rotates manually.  The main rotor rotates when a button on the tail is pressed.  There's another button underneath the tail which when pressed releases the liferaft.  Well, that's what it's supposed to do - the hatch in my version is so loose that it falls off even with gentle handling.

The transformation ot robot mode wasn't too difficult, but the rotors did get in the way and the instructions weren't too clear in certain spots.  I also couldn't get the rotos to align in the position shown in the instructions.  The sculpt is weird, with the head below the shoulders - it's almost as if he was wearing an exoframe... but he's not.  The rotors on the backpack can be shifted forward to act as a fan/shield of sorts -  a weird action feature, to be sure.  This is one of the few bayformers that I have, and I really don't like him much.  I guess it's back into the box and back into storage for him.


  1. Ugly colour scheme, weak robot design... Nice art on the box highlighting the best part of this figure, the head sculpt/design.

  2. The colour scheme wasn't too bad, but the design was bad.


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