Thursday, 24 March 2011

#447 of Year 2 Lego Bionicle 8693 Chirox

Chirox is a Phantoka, which is a convienient subtheme for the Bionicle line.  He's the black enemy Bionicle for the year and goes with Kirop from yesterday.  He's also has a bat influence in his design.

The packaging is a lot bibber than Kirop's though, and unlike Kirop's it's completely plastic.  It consists of a container with a plastic lid covered with an outer "shell".  The stylised "web" design looks good on the front, and there's also a great picture of the Bionicle there.  The Lego logo is almost invisible.  The back has a lot of text as usual, but it also has a better picture of the images that were found on the back of Kirop's packaging.

There are no baggies for the contents.  The blue bits in the picture above are actually made from very rubbery plastic - presumably so that when they are thrown, the spikes in them won't hurt anyone, although I have to say the regular corners on normal bricks are hard anyways, so I don't see why that's an issue.

The build was easy and repetitive, and the overall figure is a bit bland.  He comes with an action feature - when the back of his ribcage is pressed, the ribs swing forward and the "heart" drops out, explodes and scatters all those rubbery blue mines.  It's a boring action feature to be sure, as the previous figures has had missile launchers and stuff.

And the combination thing with Kirop?  I dunno, but Kirop rides on his back at a right angle.  It looks really weird due to the angle, and I can't find a pose that would look nice.  Ultimately, this could have been cool with the merger of two bat-themed creatures.  Instead, we got two boring creatures with a combination that barely makes


  1. Combine feature is sweet, too bad like you noted it could be way better.

  2. Sadly, this is so. They were just putting out product at this time, irrespective of how good the product is...

  3. Looks like the ideas are there, but the execution poor. Guess Lego realised that when they discontinued the line

  4. It lasted a few more years after this.


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