Wednesday, 3 February 2010

#34 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classic Princess of Power Adora

If Glimmer gave a preview of Femme February while closing off gitd January, the I'd say Adora ushers in Femme February in full. There's even an opening video for her that I did.

This isn't the first figure that never had a figure before. That goes to urm... King Grayskull. This isn't the first 80s figure not to get a figure before. We've seen He-Ro and the Green Goddess as well. This is the first Princess of Power figure though and is the first figure not to have a toy before that's not based from a minicomic (sorta).

She comes in the nice new mailer box with her name in front, together with BA He-Man and Beastman (unnamed box).

There's been talk about the Princess of Power logo on the front of her bubble - its the first one of its type out there for MotUC, and definately the first one in a long while since the 80s.

She comes with her sword, which is a slimmed down version of the power sword. It's a bit disappointing because it would have been so great if it was the same size as He-Man's sword. Oh well. She also has her Horde blaster and holster. What I'd like to see is a Horde logo plastered on her chest like Catra's, but alas, I don't have mad customising skills.

That's the Frankenpicture - vintage, 200x, MotUC all in one pic. The ladies of course.

And that's her final display space. I had to rearrange the shelf and I quite like the rearrangement since now I get to fit in both Beastman and BA He-Man. She'll move a bit when BA He-Man gets opened in a few days time.

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