Monday, 22 February 2010

#51 of 365 Polly Pocket Wild Zoo World

It's Femme February. Let's throw in a toyline that's targetted at girls instead for this month.

This was an impulse buy from the dollar bin. Erm... I have no idea what little girls are interested in for this toyline, at least the male counterpart, Mighty Max had cool themes and a nice cartoon to go along with it.

I do like the packaging though. No rubber bands or twisty wires. Everything is in a tray protected by the bubble. Open, upturn and there's everything in the bubble. Hooray. Now why can't everything else be this simple?

The case is a nice little compact. It's pinkish magenta too. I guess that's a colour for little girls to like carrying it around. It reminds me of a make-up compact or something. I dunno. I don't use make-up. Perhaps someone (I'm look at Kev) might be able to comment about this.

I was surprise at the figures. I mean I really do like them. There is a hinge on Polly and no articulation on the animals, yet, these seem to be the most fun part of the box. The monkey with it's nice tail was fun to play with, the white bear thing is rubbery and could bounce quite a bit, and who doesn't love the elephant?

As a mini-playset, this isn't a bad buy, and for a dollar too! I wonder if I could pick up any carded Mighty Max for cheap...

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