Wednesday, 10 February 2010

#43 - 49 of 365 G-Force Mark, Mark (variant), Princess, Keyop, Jason, Tiny and Zolthar

I have been meaning to open this for a while. Before I go on though, I just want to shout out to Fisto - thanks for the chat earlier tonight! I hope you post pics of your collection soon!

I think it was Diamond that put out these figures about 10 years ago. There were at least 2 series, with Mark, Princess and Keyop in the first series and Jason, Tiny and Zolthar in the second. There were also numerous variants, including the unmasked Mark in my collection, as well as a Bubble white SDCC exclusive Mark and Princess with her alternate costume. There are perhaps a few more.

Mark is the leader of the G-Force, and is based on the eagle. His weapon of choice is the boomerang blade. He pilots a prop plane which transforms into a futuristic jet. All that is included with the toy.

The cape is gorgeous and is made of a nice rubbery material. The sculpt is a bit weird though, and I have no idea why, but he's really packing. What's not nice is that the hands can barely hold the weapon. The antenna on the back of the head is also made of a weird rubbery plastic which is bent out of shape from the bubble. Not cool at all.

The variant Mark is exactly the same as the normal Mark, but with two differences. The first is the unmasked head, the second is that instead of the jet, he has the prop plane. Due to the way he's positioned in the bubble, his cape comes off better, but otherwise he still has the inherent weakness of the normal Mark, the main ones being that there are insufficient leg articulation for him to stand properly and that the hand can barely hold the boomerang. Oh well.

Princess rides a bike and has a yo-yo for a weapon. Interesting. The card for Series One is exactly the same for all the figures - the name of each figure is a sticker on the bubble instead. That was an interesting way to card cost, but it made the card less collectible than usual.

She's tiny though, and like most figures in the line, her legs are awkwardly positioned such that she can barely stand. However, thanks to her diminutive size, she has a lower centre of gravity and stands better than the bigger guys.

Rounding off Series one is Keyop, who is even more tiny than princess. He has a rubbery bola weapon and, of course, his space buggy.

I'm not even going to talk about the leg articulation since I'll sound like a broken record. What's good about these figures has good arm articulation such that the arms can be positioned in a variaty of ways. However the hand sculpts leaves a lot to be desired.

Series Two had Jason, Tiny and Zolthar.

Jason is the race car driver and the second in command. His weapon of choice is his pistol, but he does have a signature move where he uses a feather as a weapon.

Jason is huge, and especially so when placed next to princess. It's not just because of the fact that his cape is big (it is), but he seems to be the tallest of all the goog guys.

Tiny is anything but tiny. He comes with a pistol and the Phoenix.

I like the fact that they didn't decide to make Tiny slimmer, but kept his full girth in relation to the other figures. Thanks to the lower centre of gravity, he stands better, despite the, yes, you've guess it, lack of leg articulation.

Zolthar is the only villian in the line. He wears lipstick and is portrayed as being rather feminine. He comes with a robot beast thing.

The lack of leg articulation makes it even worse on Zolthar, and the waist articulation is also a bit wonky. Add to that the fact that his arms cannot hold the pistol that he comes with. Urgh. Not a good figure at all.

And here they are all together. Petteri has already made a comment about an "upskirt" photo that I posted. Well, it's Femme Fatale February after all...


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