Sunday, 7 February 2010

#37 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classics Beastman

I missed out when Beastman was first sold. I did order one of him, but he never arrived. Oh well. I was glad that he was reissued, and I got 2 of him this time, making very sure that he would arrive. And he did, together with Adora and BA He-man.

I'm still a bit surprised that Mattel decided not to print Beastman's name on the box. I mean, both Adora and BA He-Man had theirs on the box. It's not as if they are trying to differientate it from the first release as well, as that had no outer box. Perhaps the box was made before Adora and BA He-Man? I think that's the most likely explaination.

Yes, this is the reissue version of Beastman. It says "The Original" on the box. Not an issue for me since he's getting opened anyways!

The jury is still out on this Beastman. It seems he's an odd mix of the original and 200x and the end result is that he's worse off than both IMO.

And there he is with the rest of the Evil Warriors. I now finally have all the figures from the MotUC line. Yay! And yes, Beastman is not a "femme" by any stretch, but anyhow, I doubt I could wait until April to open him! Oh and a shoutout to Kev and Marvelous1 for liking my FB status about the opening of Beastie and BA

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