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#173 of 365 DCUC There’s no Adam Strange-r than a Starfire - Repost

Since it's DCUC month, lemme repost this review from last year from Lemonjuice McGee's Hobotastic Toy Review.  Enjoy, but beware, it contains course language as per the norm of that site.

Hey all, it’s Novelty here, and I guess you already know me well enough for me to not tell you that I normally blog on Toy A Day (which y’all are reading daily right?) and that I’m opening a toy for each day of 2010, and that sometimes I will take the opportunity to write about them here.  Well, it’s your lucky day today, because I’ve chosen to write about Lemonjuice’s sex life here.  Well, basically he doesn’t have one that’s worth talking about.  Now that’s out of the way…

One of these days Novelty, I’m gonna sober up and hunt you down like a dog. No idea when though… – Lemon J

OK, so I’m not a comic book geek – that title belongs to Lemonjuice, who gets a hard-on every comic day when he digs into his stash of picture books.  Hey, I dunno what he reads [All the good stuff: Walking Dead, Invincible, Hellblazer, B.P.R.D., Conan, Batman & Robin, Chew, etc. - Lemon J], but I know it’s behind closed boxcar doors.  Hence, that’s why I said it’s not worth talking about.  Now, I’ve no idea who is Adam Strange, other than the fact that he looks like Rocketman.  I would have thought he was a magical user, but apparently he’s this sci-fi guy [What the hell would make you think he was a magic user? - Lemon J] I’m sure Lemonjuice in his infinite wisdom will be able to expound on who Adam Strange is [He's NOT a magic user, that's fer damn sure! - Lemon J].

Now Starfire, or Kory Anders is from some non-Earth planet, and was formerly engaged to the former boy-toy wonder, Robin, nowadays known as Nightwing [He's Batman now. Get with the times, man! - Lemon J].  She’s more popular as one of the two ladies on the Cartoon Network show, Teens Titan Go, where she teams up with Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy and Raven to fight well, whatever the crook of the episode is.

Adam Strange comes with a gun and the chick comes with big hair.  Starfire is based on the usual female body type, or buck, although it’s a bit weird to call a female a buck.  Perhaps she should be a doe, but then, that’s also weird.  I know Lemonjuice will probably call her a “female dog”, but that “B” word has already been lauded in song by Meredith Andrews, so I shall refrain from it.  Anyways, the females are generally anorexic looking in the DCUC line, but here, with her big hair, she looks even more comical.  Her joints are tight, and no, I can’t comment about the rest of her body parts, you’ll have to ask Lemonjuice’s imaginations about that.  However, because of her pose in the box, one of her legs is badly malformed and she can’t stand straight.  I guess those last words will probably make Lemonjuice think of gal-on-gal action, but hey, he’s free to do so!  The paintwork is good, and there is no sloppiness associated with the first few waves of DCUC figures.

Adam Strange also has an irremovable vest with the rocket pack attached beside the gun, so in contrast to Starfire, he looks rather buff.  But that’s on his upper body and he’s thus top heavy, which means there are balance issues on the figure.  Adam uses the usual male buck, the trim and muscular one that Lemonjuice wishes was running around in shorts playing soccer [I like soccer, so sue me! - Lemon J].  The helmeted head is sculpted to perfection, just the way Lemonjuice likes it, as it comes with additional protection.  The joints are a bit loose, but it’s still serviceable, and the paintwork is tight, although quite a huge part of the torso is covered by the vest.

It’s a bit unfortunate that Starfire uses the adult female sculpt because when she’s placed next to her teammates Robin and Kid Flash (both from Teen Titans) she towers over them.  Yes, she is supposed to be taller, but not to the point where she looks disproportionate from the two.  It’d be difficult to have a Teen Titans team on the shelf for me now.

So, out of the two, who comes out on top?  I prefer Adam Strange as I think he he has the better sculpt and more accessories.  The fact that Kory has a bent leg knocks it down a few notches for me.  Yet, despite the fact that I like Strange more, he’s going back into the box for me.  Now Kory?  She gets a second chance to stay on the shelf for a while due to the fact that I have so few females there.  I also like the way she looks next to my Nightwing (who also, incidentally has a bent leg).  And no, Lemonjuice, please don’t bend your third leg so that you can go on the shelf too… it doesn’t swing that way.

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