Thursday, 10 June 2010

#161 of 365 DCUC Nightwing

We're continuing with DCUC Wave 3 today as part of Justice League June here on Toy a Day.  And it's the former Boy Wonder, Nightwing!  Yes, Nightwing was formerly Robin, but he decided to step out of his mentor (some say gay lover) Batman and be his own man, or bird, or whatever he calls himself (hey, I have no bias against whatever his preference is, he can be whatever he wants to be) and takes on the name of Nightwing.

There isn't anything to say about the packaging that I haven't already mentioned previously for Sinestro or Deathstroke.  The only thing to point out is that Grundy's torso and head takes up so much space that it's no possible to hide it behind the title card.  The compromise, to have Nightwing standing on Grundy, seems to be a good choice at first.  However, that elevates Nightwing's head a bit too much and it gets in the way of the DCUC logo.

The title card is a bit weird - Nightwing's incomplete mask makes the pair of eyes look to me as non-human somehow.  The side has the usual CnC infomation which is mostly unnecessary in this case, as Grundy's body and head are visible through the bubble.  The title card does hide the unsightly shoulder connection though.

Nightwing comes with his two short sticks, which is two sticks short of a plank.  He does have an extra piece on this back to holster (is that the word for sticks?) the sticks onto his back, which is how he is usually depicted in the media.

The figure itself is mostly black with blue hightlights.  The paintwork wasn't too shoddy on my copy, but the area around the mask could have been improved.  The joints were tight, but the leg joint was... weird on my copy.  Perhaps it's just the way he's design, perhaps it's the warping in the bubble, but one leg is shorter than the other and is rotated in a weird degree with respect to the torso.

It took me ages to get him to stand properly, by which time, I couldn't be half-arsed to pose the rest of him again (since he'd topple over).  I was going to do a passing the baton picture with Batman.  Hmm... this only goes to show that tight joints doesn't mean that everything is peachy, although this is the first of my figures to have this weird tight joint problem.


  1. I love the character of Nightwing, and it's a DAMNED shame that they messed up his joints. I need to get a Nightwing figure someday, but probably from DC Direct.

  2. Wes, I picked up an All-Stars Nightwing figure, and his joints are tight and hands are a little better at holding his batons.

  3. Are the all-stars cheaper than the usual waves? I mean they don't have the CnC part (and in Nightwing's case, it's a big CnC part)

  4. Nah they're not. And I think you may have missed the Nightwing shipment that come in to Singapore at the very same store you got Copperhaed (I think it's the same store...)

  5. Yeah, no discount on the All-Stars. In some cases they cost more than the original figure. But it's good to know that the All-Star version is more tolerable, at least.

  6. SDB, I didn't need another Nightwing, so I never bothered getting one when I saw him @ the same store that I got Copperhead.


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