Friday, 4 June 2010

#155 of 365 DC Universe Classics Etrigan

Three strikes and you're out is a common phrase in Baseball, and had I applied it to DCUC, I would not have even bothered to continued, seeing how the first 3 characters in the first wave have been a disappointment to me so far.  But there're 5 figures to this wave, and since I already have them, let's just open up these poor excuse for action figures.

Etrigan is a demon that's part of the good guys.  That's all I know about him.  He's got something to do with Morgan Le Fey in the DC universe, but I don't keep track of what goes on with him.  He's posed rather conservatively in his bubble here on the card, but then there's not a lot of ways to pose him either.

Etrigan comes with Metamorpho's left arm, as shown on the sides of the title card, and yes, that still hides the piece from view, well, mostly.  The CnC piece can always be viewed from the top, thanks to the clear bubble.  The front of the card, which is common to all the figures in the wave, has a weird comic strip with a starbust effect.  That draws the eye to the character in the package, but in Etrigan's case, well, it doesn't really work since Etrigan is posed such that he blocks most of the starburst.

Etrigan comes with the 2 piece hand for Rex, and... well nothing else.  That's a disappointment.  There is quite a bit of details in his sculpt though, including the holes in the cape, which I do like.  I like the muted red colour here and the was they gave it.  Yes, I complained about it being dirty and unsuitable for Orion (who is after all supposed to be a New God), but it works for Etrigan because he's a demon and being dirty sort of fits his character.  I do have a minor complaint on the brooch thing that holds his cape together under his chin - my copy either isn't properly painted or has scratches on it because the black underneath is visible.  Perhaps that is an intended feature, but it makes it ugly.  Thankfully, despite having the same T-crotch as Batman, there are no loose joints here.

I have to say, that this is the best figure so far that I've got from the wave, and that's not saying much since the first 3 are such a disappointment.  I'm not a huge fan of him though, so despite him being better, he's still going back into the box.


  1. Haha, even the best of the wave gets put in the box. I think of the box as this Vietnam era pit that you throw toys into, feeding them scraps every once and a while to keep them clinging tenuously to life.

  2. It's a huge big box. You've gotta read Jan - Mar to see what I've fed it with!


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