Thursday, 24 June 2010

#175 of 365 C3 Mini Batmobile

So, yesterday we had the Nightwing mini-Flyer.  Today, we finish off with the mini-Batmobile from Art Asylum's C3 line.  It's still Justice League June for those keeping track here on Toy a Day, and I'm taking a break from DCUC this week... well, mostly.  So far I've been succeeding though.

The box is rather similar to Nightwings from yesterday, except that it's larger.  The cut-out is still there, and this time it shows that there are 2 minimates in the box instead of one.  The assembly sequence is still there on the front of the box along with Batman's mugshot.  The back of the box is slightly different from Nightwing's, but the usual suspects are still there - details of the vehicles and other sets in the line.

There's a lot of baggies in the box, as usual, but what was a surprise to me was that the tray that held Robin and Batman also had a few accessories for the figures.  The parts are mostly blue, with some black parts and a nice transparent mauve windscreen.

The build was rather easy, although the instructions isn't coloured properly - there were black parts shown in the instructions that were in reality blue on the set.  Or perhaps there was a running change in the parts colours?  Either way it may be slightly confusing to some.  There's nothing much to write about the finished vehicle.  It's mostly blue and has four wheels and can only take the driver.  The design is bland - Lego die a better Batmobile a few years after this set was released.  The parts were better than Nightwing's.  At least most of it is holding on together as a model.

The figures were what this set is about.  I like the way that they used customised parts to create Batman and Robin in such a way that despite the sharing of parts, they still look distinctive, and distinguishable from each other, and from the other figures in the line.

The minimates may be small, but they still pack quite a bit of articulation, and action features - witness Batman's spreadable cloak (as opposed to the dead plastic cloak on DCUC Batman).  The minimates are also a head taller than their Lego counterpart... well, at least Robin is.

I'm a little bit disappointed with these Art Asylum C3 sets.  I think they did their best, but obviously their best isn't a construction toy, it's the minifigures.  And it's the minifigures that shines, while the construction set gets a thumbs down from me.  Back to the box they go!

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