Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ebay haul - Lego 6923 Cosmicopter

The M:tron was a Lego Space subtheme in the early 90s that featured magnets for the first time.  When I first saw the line way back then, I fell in love with the Cosmicopter.  Sadly, I never got that set, at least not until a week ago when I received an opened box set that I won on ebay.

The UK box is a lot less wordy than the US box, and I like the sets of the early 90s when the yellow border was still visible on the box.  The M:Tron logo was this weird mess of a multicoloured M next to a stylised Tron, and is one of the least favourite Lego Space subtheme logos.  However, the M:tron subtheme, with its red and greys and blacks and neon yellow was a colour scheme I fell in love with.  The back of the box still showed alternate models that one can built, something that was phased out at the end of the 90s, which is a pity.

The copter vehicle itself is not impressive.  It measures about a foot long, and can be divided into 3 parts - the cockpit, the underweing storage and the back storage area.  What I do like about this set is the unorthodox way it puts the pieces together - the way the gun is mounted to the front of the cockpit, for example, or the way the rotor is assembled using a 1x1x1 brick.

There's a minifigure and an android.  Nothing special about the usual smiley-face minifigure.  The android is built of parts and can be folded to fit in the underwing storage area of the copter.

Overall this is a nice set and it fits in well with the subtheme, nevermind why would anyone need a copter in space.  I have no regrets getting this set.

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