Monday, 7 June 2010

#158 of 365 Batman Beyond Virtual Joker

It's a new week, and this week we're gonna be looking at Wave 3 of DCUC.  But I ran into a glitch - my Green Lantern seems to be missing Grundy's leg - Aaaaargh!  I had to buy something to make up for the frustration, so I bought a PoP carded Bow from ebay instead.

Anyways, I decided to open up a Joker today after reading about the DCUC Joker review by Lemonjuice.

In fact, I decided that since Lemonjuice was so nice as to do a Blog Mash Bash with such a great figure here on Toy a Day, I should return the favour, so this write-up is going up on Hobotastic, so you'll have to read it there.  As usual, it's filled with booze, sex, cheap women (but no porn this time around) and me making fun of Lemonjuice, so be forewarned!

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