Thursday, 17 June 2010

#168 of 365 DCUC Booster Gold

It's still Wave 7 week of Justice League June, and today I'm opening Booster Gold, another former Justice Leaguer here on Toy a Day.  Booster Gold hails from the 25th century, and he time travel back to the present to make money, but he became an accidental hero of sorts.  He's linked to the Legion of Superheroes, in that he supposedly have a Legion flight ring, but I have no idea if that is still true today.

The packaging is the same throughout the wave, obviously, the onlydifference are for each character.  In this case, the visored eyes on the title card and the image in the triangle on the card back both are rather well done, and they seem to depict Booster Gold without distorting him.  Booster's pose in the bubble though, seems a bit absurd, and it doesn't show off the star on his chest or his visor as well as it should have.

Booster comes with Skeets, his accessory, and Atom Smasher's big appendage.  Skeets includes a piece of clear plastic which can be plugged into Booster's back such that it appears that Skeets is flying out from behind Booster.

The Skeets accessory is rather well made, and has a hinged clamshell which opens to reveal the alien inside.  OK, so the modern version is that Skeets is actually a computer thing, so I have no idea where the alien idea is from.

Booster uses the standard male buck, but has a new head sculpt.  Like Blue Beetle from yesterday, his visor is made from transparent plastic, with the eyes visible through it.  I like the way the hair is sculpted, it does match the "jock" look (and yes, Booster is supposed to be a jock).

I also like the metallic paint used on Booster, although the yellow studs on his wrist could have been painted better.  The hole on his back, where Skeets could be attached to is also bigger than the "cut-outs" on Aquaman and Zan.

Overall, I do like Booster Gold.  I think it's because of his metallic paint and his great head sculpt.  The fact that he looks good next to Blue Beetle is also a plus.  I think I'll be displaying the pair of them somewhere!

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  1. The "classic" version of Booster comes with a Skeets that doesn't feature the opening top. You have the "modern" version and the Skeets he comes with ties into a storyline from the fantastic year-long series 52. It turned out that tons of mayhem and turmoil were being caused by Booster's robotic ally. Upon further investigation, it turned out that Captain Marvel's old foe, Mr. Mind (a tiny super-intelligent worm) was controlling Skeets from the inside.

    I like comics! :)


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