Saturday, 19 June 2010

#170 of 365 DCUC Captain Cold.

It's Captain Cold day today, and let me start by linking to Is It Fun?'s review of the same character.  Captain Cold is my last figure from Wave 7.  I don't have Flash because I didn't just want to get him with the stand.  Maybe someway down the road, there'll be a Flash with a piece that I'd really want and I'd get that instead.

Anyways, this is Captain Cold, who is part of the Flash's rogue gallery.  Now the Flash has one of the most colourful selection of rogues (note, it's not villians like what Batman has), and Captain Cold is one of them.  Basically he's just a man with a gun (heh!) that fires (heh!) a beam that freezes stuff.  He was featured prominent in the past few years in the DC Universe.

Cold comes on the usual Wave 7 DCUC packaging.  His distinctive eyewear makes the art on the title card stand out quite a bit.  The card back has an ample illustration of the character, which is also shown on the front of the card to the right of the starburst.

Cold comes with a gun and two CnC piece to make Atom Smasher.  The gun is just a plain silver gun - perhaps it's comic accurate - I have no idea.  There is also a holster mounded onto Cold to hold the gun.  The holster seems a bit too big on Cold, but that's only because the gun has a long barrel (ahem!).

The sculpt is based on the normal DCUC adult body, but what makes this character stand out is his... erm... poncho, or whatever it is called, which is made of a rather soft plastic.  This poncho thing transform the looks of the body from the boring and differentiates the character from everything else.  His head is also nicely sculpted, but somehow I can't help feeling that he looks way too much like a smurf with that pointy hat, but that's not the fault of Mattel of course.

This character is a pegwarmer, and despite the awesomeness of the sculpt, he is a lesser known villian.  And in a world of superheroes and supervillians, he just does not cut it.  So he's going back into the box for me... at least until I get a few more characters from Flash's rogue gallery.


  1. Bah humbug. Cold is king! I loved that figure!! That snarl is just the most awesomest thing ever! hehe.

  2. I know he is great, but he's just one. And without Flash or Mirror Master or Weather Wizard, or any of the Rogues Gallery, he seems so out of place on the shelf.

  3. Yeah, that's true... he does need his partners in crime to really be worth it. I have to agree with you there. I just paired him up with Killer Moth. Hehe

  4. I don't have Killer Moth... and I'm not that keen on getting an oversize butterfly. I'm hoping for Weather Wizard though - I like the guy with a wand - LOL :)


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