Sunday, 27 June 2010

#178 of 365 JLU Martian Manhunter (3 Pack)

It's Justice League June and I did promise a JLU 3-pack today, so here's Martian Manhunter.  Now, for those who don't know, the Martian Manhunter is from the planet Mars (duh!) and has a humanoid shape while on earth.  He's a shape shifter though, so that's not his original form.  His original Martian form has a pointy head.  He has all of Superman's powers plus telepathy and invisibility an intangibility and a few other powers, so he should be a lot powerful than Superman since he does not have a Kryptonite fetish... erm.. weakness.  His only weakness is heat and fires, although I think they got rid of that somewhat.

The bubble is completely clear all the way around, with a small title card near the bottom.  That means there's lots of room to see all the 3 figures inside, although the card still partially covers up the lower figure, in this case the invisible Martian, but he's suppose to be invisible anyways, so I guess that doesn't really matter.  The card is a little boring.  The front of the card sees the logo on the left obstructing the artwork, while the rest of the artwork is behind the bubble.  The figures are posed such that they seem to have the same pose as the background over which they cover.  It just doesn't work here though.  The back just shows a boring starburst background with six groups of threes shown in a checklist manner.

Even with the figures removed, the front of the card shows that most of the image is covered up by the logo, which is a pity as the heroes flying out from the starburst is drawn so beautifully.

There are three figures in the set, one of which is a repaint of the other.  The Martian Manhunter is the main character of the 3 obviously, and is the most iconic form of the character.  Then there is his J'onn J'onzz Martian form with the elongated head, and a clear version of the Martian Manhunter, which is moulded from a translucent plastic.  There are no accessories, but that's to be expected in this line.

The Martian Manhunter uses the standard male body parts as the other figures of the line.  Which is to say boring, but again, that's the norm for this line.  The paintwork on the body is nicely applied - the red cross on his chest is sharp and clear and his belt stands out properly.  His headsculpt is a bit plain and therefore boring, but they had to work with the limitations of the cartoon, and the Martian doesn't really have human facial expressions anyways, so I'll give them the benefit of a doubt there.  What is nice on the character is his blue cloak which is molded in such a way that it drapes dynamically on the figure and makes him stand out rather well.

The martian version of J'onn seems to have a custom body/torso sculpt, and a new head.  Despite the fact that he's green all over, I like the wash that they gave him such that he's not a solid chunk of green, but appears to be a rather dirty yellow-green.  I'm not sure if that colour fits in with the cartoon, but I think it's nice on the figure.

The clear Martian Manhunter is really a repaint, but the repaint is not with actual paints, but the material that it's constructed from.  Mattel could have made this from 100% clear plastic, but instead they elected to use a cloudy translucent plastic, and its' coloured ever so lightly such that various design details on the figure, such as the cross on his chest, stands out.  The mould is exactly the same as the Martian Manhunter though.

It's a pity that the JLUs doesn't fit in well with the DCUC line generally because I don't really want to wait for a DCUC J'onn.  I like the clear Martian Manhunter best and I think he might stick around on the shelf while his other two alternates head back into the box.

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