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#2 by Lemonjuice McGee DCUC Joker

Hello again to all you loyal Toy a Day readers! Lemonjuice McGee here once again, dishing out a toy review as part of the Blog Mash Bash. Thanks go out to Novelty for allowing me to cross over from my usual R-rating to a more family-friendly PG...well, PG-13.

Today I'm dishing out a fresh review for The Joker from Mattel's DC Universe Classics. This wave (10?) was exclusive to Wal-Mart around last Christmas and the Joker was definitely the hardest (and most sought after) figure to find.

As you can see, The Joker comes packaged in the (former) standard DC Universe packaging. There's not even a "Wal-Mart Exclusive" sticker plastered on the front of the blister like you see with other exclusive toys (Iron Man, Toy Story, etc.). He's displayed in the center of the blister, wielding his giant hammer. The accessories surround him in the blister, with the Collect and Connect piece of Imperiex (tastefully) hidden in the bottom behind the name card.

The back of the package shows the usual honeycomb shot fo the entire wave with the CnC figure displayed in the center-top. This wave, it's Imperiex who's quite intimidating and very Jack Kirby-esque despite being designed only a few years ago. Each character is listed along with the CnC piece that they're packaged with. Batman is placed in the center since he's relegated to only coming with a figure stand.

A small biography is listed for the Joker, along with some of his more notable comic appearances. Here's the bio for all you people that don't have this sad, sad street urchins:

The Clown Prince of Crime is Batman's deadliest and most unpredictable foe. Rumored to be a failed stand-up comedian turned petty criminal who fell into a vat of chemical waste while escaping from the scene of the crime - that incident turned his skin white and his hair green. Batman knows the Joker is certifiably insane, which makes the end result of his actions that much more deadly.

Stand-up comedy is obviously a long, hard road to insanity. Just ask Dave Chappelle.

Tearing into a DC Universe package takes just a second and leaves you feeling used and a little ashamed...oh wait, that doesn't apply to DC packages. It IS easy to open though. The Joker and all his various doo-dads are held in the tray by the use of those annoying little clear-rubber bands. I managed to get it all out without anything becoming warped which in itself is a small miracle.

Joker is pretty accessory-heavy, especially for a DCUC figure. Usually you're lucky if they have anything at all; but, not with this guy. He has 5 items packaged with him. Five!

-Jokerfish: A staple in the comics and animated series, the Jokerfish is the result of poisonous chemicals being dumped into Gotham Harbor. At one point the Joker even tried to patent them! It's purple in color and features the fishes' forced wicked grin. The paint job is very nice, especially considering the small size of this accessory.

-Playing Cards: What would an insane clown be without some cards in order to do creepy and malicious card-tricks? Well, he'd be an insane clown...just not as interesting. The cards are sculpted spread out and feature a decal of the Joker card on the top.

-Jester-Headed Pimp Cane: This is exactly how I describe it. It's a black cane with the pommel in gold featuring a jester wearing one of those fancy-schmancy hats with the bells hanging off the ends.

-A Big Green Grinning Hammer: This is a definite throwback to the Super Powers figures. The hammer features a "J" logo on each end of the hammer and a smiling face is sculpted along the cylinder which makes the handle appear to be the "nose".

-Imperiex's Right Leg: Yep. It's an articulated right leg. Imperiex is crippled without it.

The Joker benefits from having a new sculpt. He's wearing the some attire that his Super Powers figure is known for. Luckily this is also the type of thing he has worn a variation of since his creation in the comics as well. The coat has long tails and is made from a softer rubber than the capes, so Joker's movement is unhindered. The legs have hidden hip joints too, which was a nice surprise. Joker's ball-jointed head works to some degree, but doesn't have very much up and down movement. Overall he has the same articulation model that's been used for almost all DCUC figures of the past.

The pain [I think he means paint, but he could mean pain - Nov], on the figure I got, is immaculate. Everything from that wicked grin, to his lapel flower are colored with an amount of care you don't normally see with mass market toys. Even the pinstripes on his pants line up perfectly. I'd go as far to say that this Joker figure is the BEST painted figure of my entire DCUC collection. Of course, this is just the version I got. There most likely are many, many more floating around with piss-poor paint jobs.

This is the point where I was gonna do a size comparison. I set Nightwing next to Joker, but before I could snap the shot, this happened. Apparently there's some type of bad blood between the two of them. Something about birds, or bats, or robins, or some such mess.

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  1. LOL! The last pic was awesome! The Joker is such a great figure to photograph, you end up having so much fun with him.


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