Monday, 7 June 2010

Voltron will form the head on a Cartoon Network near you soon!

There's been news that Voltron is scheduled to be relaunched as a TV series on Cartoon Network Nicktoons (thanks Chris!) and a new line of toys by Mattel.  There are no pictures yet of either the cartoon or the new toys though.  Hopefully, the toyline will not be a mattycollector exclusive but will be sold mass retail in the shops internationally.  Which means no super-doodads with technology that might be banned from being "exported" from the US.

I was thinking that it'd be hard to have a toyline that consists of 5 lions, but Mattel has been doing that with the 4-main characters of Ghostbuster on mattycollector, so maybe it is possible to have a viable toyline for Voltron.  Now, which version of Voltron are they talking about?  I'm presuming it's the Lion version which is the most iconic version of the franchise, but I hope we'd get cameos of the other 2 versions as well.

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