Sunday, 20 June 2010

#170 addendum of 365 DCUC Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher is the Collect and Construct (CnC) of Wave 7 - there's also a stand with Flash, but I decided that I didn't need the stand or Flash.  Besides, I'm sure they'll make Flash available... well, not in a flash, but sooner or later with something that I'd want.  And like all things dealing with mattel, I can be patient!  There's no box for Atom Smasher - he comes in 6 different packages, and if you have been following me for the whole of this week where I've been opening Wave 7, you would have seen all his package packaging.

There are 7 bits to the discombobulated (OK, disassembled actually, but I thought discombobulated was such a cool word, better than the word moniker which apparently someone has copied after I've used it) Atom Smasher - his head, torso, groin, and 4 limbs.  Putting them together was a snap - literally!  I like the way the waist joint is hidden underneath the belt, and the recesses in the shoulders allow the arms to be shoved in nicely.

Despite the size, the sculpt feels like a scaled up DCUC figure.  There isn't a lot of paint, but what's there is good on my copy.  The joints are tight and he doesn't feel like a Lego-ised figure, but he feels rather solid, as if he was sold assembled.  Despite the simplicity, I like the figure, and the way he feels in my hands.  I can't exactly put my finger on the why.

Atom Smasher is almost twice as tall as Kid Flash, and is 50% taller than a normal DCUC figure.  He definately does stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the figures in the wave.  He's even taller than Aquaman's stick trident is long.

Despite the size, and the assembled joints, Atom Smasher does hold together rather well and can be posed in a variety of ways.  And unlike some of my figures from the first wave (aka Batman and Nightwing), he can hold his pose rather well.


  1. I've got a few parts of Atom Smasher but will never complete him, alas.. he seems like he could be a cool one.

  2. You can pick up his parts all over the internet. And he's rather easy to find too. Oh and he's definately getting the shelf treatment as I bought the whole of Wave 7 just for him.

  3. Hmmm.. if he's one of the easier ones, I might make an exception. I do have two of the parts already, from Booster Gold and Captain Cold.

  4. You need to pick up the beetle if you can still get your hands on him. I think my blue and gold display is awesome next to Atom Smasher!


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