Sunday, 13 June 2010

#164 of 365 DCUC Color of Fear 2-Pack Romat Ru and Karu-Sil

I opened Sinestro earlier in the week.  That was the Sinestro with his modern Sinestro Corps costume.  To celebrate that and to "keep things together", I thought I'd open this 2-Pack (which counts as one toy, since it's in one box) which contains more Sinestro Corps members.

This two pack was only available from and comes in a white unmarked mailer box.  The box is the usual DCUC 2-pack box, which sees way too big for these two figures.  Eventhough this apparently seems to be from the same wave as Sinestro, there are no "eyes" above their names on the title card (which in this case is part of the box).  The back of the card is bland - pictures of the 2 figures without the accessory and the bio, with lots of empty space in between.

I have no idea who these peopel are other than the fact that they are Sinestro Corps members, so I've included the bios.

The tray borrows from the same foreground as the Wave 3 card, with a few modifications, or that's what it appears to me at least.  The characters are posed rather oddly, and thanks to the pose, my Karu-Sil's left leg is warped.  There's still a lot of space on the tray - in fact I'd say that thanks to the slimness of the figures, both of them could have been packed in the standard single figure carded bubble.

The 2-pack comes with the two figures and a yellow light creature construct that's meant for Karu-Sil.  That's rather skimpy for such a big box and for this price point.  They could have added more accessories including more yellow light constructs (shields, energy blasts, things like that), but they didn't and that's an opportunity lost.

Romat Ru is a humanoid alien.  Which means he could use the standard DCUC buck/body with a special head.  Well, not so special as the Green Lantern Tomar Re (I think that's his name) is also of the same species with the same head.  I have no idea why, but the head articulation seems stiff.  The legs on my copy was warped from the packaging, but it is not that bad.  What's bad is that the yellow paint work on him has faded in patches such that he seems very "dirty".  It doesn't show up in the photos though.  I like the clarity of the Sinestro Corps symbols on him, the one on his chest and on the armband.

The yellow energy creature construct is for Karu-Sil.  It's just one piece of plastic with no articulation.  It's bland and could have been better with moving legs, but I guess that would have driven up the price too much.  The one piece thing is boring, the details of the sculpt do not show up that well even in person.  It just seems to be a lump of plastic.

The warped leg aside (thanks to the pose in packaging, of course), Karu-Sil is not a lot better than her partner paintwise.  The paint is fading, and that is particularly visible on her boots.  Like her partner in the 2-pack, the Sinestro Corps logo on her chest and armband are clear.  The sculpting of the hair going in front of her face is weird, but the paintwork beneath it on her face is savage and captures her character rather well.

I've been told that DCUC ladies need to eat a sandwich or three - they are spindly and way too thin.  Anorexic is my usual word for it of course, and well, although Karu-Sil's arms are probably comparable to matchsticks and toothpicks, when placed next to the diminutive Sinestro, she seems surprisingly in scale (although the boobs seems a bit Barbie-esque, but that's what you can expect from comic characters, I guess, and from Mattel who makes Barbies).  As I said she works because of Sinestro small size, but I'm not sure if the same body type will work for the other teams.  This is after all the first time I've opened a female DCUC figure.

So what's my conclusion on these 2 figures?  I think they aren't that great, but for anyone who wants to build their Sinestro Corps, they are a must.  They add the first alien looking and female to the team which is supposedly a Corps and Sinestro by himself isn't really a team.  With the upcoming Sinestro Corps Batman, the team will be further expanded.  Shelf or box?  Hmm... I'd say shelf, if only temporarily.


  1. Is the paint actually fading on your figures? I think they were airbrushed with a darker yellow to bring out the details, which the regular Sinestro wasn't. I could be wrong though...

  2. It's in splotches and patches. It doesn't look airbrushed to me. It seems rather ugly IMO.

  3. Haha, nice pic with Etrigan there. Well posed! ;)


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