Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Matty Release day - June

It's the 15th of the month, and it's another release day at mattycollector.com.  The all in one list can be found here.

She-Ra is the main release figure for today, and she's also the subscription figure.  Some subscribers have already received her.  She's the leader of the Princess of Power subline so she should be popular, yet she's also the subscription figure, so most will be getting her anyways.  I have no idea how fast she will sell out as she's the first figure that has her production numbers increased though.

Keldor is the bonus figure of the month, and he is basically a Skeletor repaint with a new head and a cape.  There did not increase the bonus figure numbers, which means that there are as many Keldor figures on sale as there were Battle Armor He-Man.  Now, Battle Armor He-Man took a while to sell out, but Keldor isn't just a Skeletor with different armour either.  I think Keldor will go out fast, at least faster than Battle Armor He-man.  He is not part of the subscription, so subscription members, like myself will be logging in to pick him up.

Faker is the rerelease/reissue figure.  He was originally the SDCC figure (with a sticker) and the mattycollector version was sold a few weeks after SDCC without the sticker.  Faker was one of the first instant sell-outs on mattycollector, and there are still a number of people calling out for him.  Now, I don't expect him to sell out that fast this time around, he might last half a day or so.  However, if there's enough She-Ras to go around, casual collectors who are just picking up She-Ra might add one of him into their shopping carts as well.

What other competition are these 3 up against?  Well, there's JLU Lobo (which will be popular), DCUC Wave 5 (which will probably last about a day or so) and Slimed Peter Venkman with Slimer (who will probably last about half a day).

I hope all of my friends get what they want to get tonight - figure-wise that is, from mattycollector.com.

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