Saturday, 19 June 2010

Does inclusive = killin' teh lien?

Mattel has revealed the packaing and more for Gygor of the MotUC line on Facebook.

Gygor is the third giant beast of the year and is based on an unproduced prototype from the 80s, that was itself based on a Big Jim gorilla (very much like how Zoar and Screech was based on a Big Jim falcon).  What's interesting about the reveal is that a new He-Man has been mentioned in Gygor's bio - Oo-lar, the Jungle He-man.  Hmm... is this the beginning of "killin teh lien" for MotUC?  The bio is also rather confusing, with a sentence about Hordak coming back to Eternia next to Evil-Lyn freeing Gygor - what's the relation there?  Wouldn't that be better as 2 separate sentences?  Sheesh.

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